Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is the best online survey site?

what is one that doesn't cost any money and will actually let you take surveys?

What is the best online survey site?
There are several survey sites that are legit. Do not give anyone your SSN there are lots of sites out there that are legit and they do not need this info from you. Nor do you have to pay to join. I am a member of several. The one I have had the most luck with is Lightspeed. They do not pay you cash you get points which can be converted into cash via pay pal. However, they send me the most surveys. And already twice now I have been asked to participate in a more extensive survey in which I was sent a palm pilot in the mail and asked to record certain daily activities. The ones I have completed offered a $50 incentive and that was in the form of a check in addition to the points I received for completing the initial survey. I have also done survey savy which has a great referral program if you know people who will join you get money for surveys they complete. I have also tried American Consumer Opinion. They pay by check in mail for all surveys, but I have not been able to complete many of their surveys. I did a lot of research before joining these. You also need to be a regular email checker because if you don't respond to the survey fast enough they have met their quota. I am pleased with these sites and looking to join some new ones.

Most pay a few dollars per survey completed so it is best to use several. If you would like to give me a referral credit use the link in my profile for survey savvy and the other websites are listed there as well. Good luck!
Reply:There are plenty of online survey sites out there that are free to join and will let you take surveys. These are the websites of online market research companies who run survey panels!

Just make sure you sign up with these genuine online survey panels and not imposters! There are many of them out there, so keep your eyes open for scams. If a site asks you to pay something to register with them, asks you for your banking information, etc. watch out!

You may wish to register with some of the big survey panels at first: american consumer opinion, global test market, surveyspot, surveysavvy - these are all run by reputable online market research companies.

Have fun!
Reply:try forwardgarden.com

theres a category for surveys on there


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