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Where can i go to get paid for doing survey's online?

i joined so many different survey sites and all of them seem to want you to complete offers or pay for at least something in order for them to give you any points (which you can later turn into cash or redeem it for prizes). I was just wondering if anyone knows of any site that is out there that all you do is take survey's and get paid to do it!?!? I am an online student and i have a family and i'm just looking for some extra cash.

Where can i go to get paid for doing survey's online?
Here is a review of online paid survey, you can have a look

Reply:Hi, the ones want you to complete offers or pay are NOT paid surveys. Those are paid offer sites. Real legitimate paid surveys are always FREE to do, legit market research and paid survey companies pay YOU for YOUR opinion.

For leigit paid survey sites, check out http://www.MySurvey123.com - they have FREE lists of legit paid survey sites, as well as paid survey guide/advice and reviews/ratings. Good luck!
Reply:I remember those days when i almost get mad to find one free survey site that really pay us without charging a fee. The fact is that there are so many survey sites in internet who actually charges a registration fee. I tell you what, run as far as you can, if they ask you money to join their survey site. Any legimate survey site, will not ask you money to join them%26lt;!--They actually have to pay us if we join them. Some people do not understand this, and they pay and later they suffer and get frustrated. So is there really any Survey site that pays us? The Answer is, Yes. I am personally getting paid by a Survey site and please find the below website and register yourself for free,



The best part is that, after you register and confirm the email sent, you will have a chance to win a car. The fun part is that they pay you money for playing games. And you get sometimes $50 for completing offers. Check out the offers area when you log in, you earn more. I personally get paid and you could trust them--%26gt;since they dont ask you any money, you could give a try, there is nothing to lose. I am sure you will be happy at the end of the week seeing money in your account. Have a great day ahead...!
Reply:go to www.letsfindmoney.com and you can find reviews of survey sites (the good ones). Those listed you dont HAVE to buy anything.
Reply:unfortunately there are an abundance of scams that turn people off from the whole process of making money online... especially paid surveys...... however, there are still a few legit sites that exist, and based off personal experience... i've created a blog, flushed with video tutorials, that can help you make a few extra bucks online..


*the key is not to just sign up for one site and expect loads of riches, but to sign up for a few and have the smaller checks add up*

*be mindful of the sites you sign up for... check out reviews of the site in yahoo answers before wasting your time*

*if you ever have to pull out a credit card, its not worth it*
Reply:Take a look at this site. In this site you will find many ideas and details about "Work From Home, Free Online Jobs,Free Registration, Data Entry Jobs, Part Time Jobs, Free Work Online Jobs,Get Paid Jobs, Work At Home, Earn Money Online, Earn Money Through Internet,Best Online Jobs, Part Time Work, Online Job Work, Earn Fast Extra Cash Online, Surfing Jobs, Money Making Programs, Free Money, Online Income, Worldwide, International, Home Business, Home Jobs, Free Money" Work without leaving your present job. Work Part Time only, no need to work full time. Work from Home or Office. Work in your spare time. Enjoy Personal Freedom and Financial Independence. To everyone those who want to earn extra income in their spare time using their computer and internet knowledge bookmark this site for coming back to it.
Reply:Check out http://www.makesomemoney365.com which splits the Get Paid to websites from the original survey sites - where you just do an online survey to get paid
Reply:This site is completely free. You can do as many or as little surveys as you like and they are 100% legit. I have used them for some time now. There are also insider discounts on things you probaly already buy. You are not going to get rich, but it will put some extra money in your pocket.

Hope this is what your looking for and GL with your search.
Reply:Just go to,


as I tried and succeeded. Left side bar of this site shows you many paths to earn money over the internet without any prior investment. Try them and find the best suited way of earning money via internet. I wish you all the best.
Reply:I made a yahoo page showing the ones that have paid me. One that is not listed on there though and I am too lazy to figure out how to edit my webpage, is Baker St. Solutions. (just type the name in Google, I think its the second link that comes up) They pay by Amazon gift certificates. I usually recieve around 2 surveys a month from them. But check out my site and good luck!

Reply:Although many of the survey sites are scams, their are still plenty of them that are legit.

Never join any sites that require a sign up fee as they are almost always scams.

I have been taking paid surveys for nearly a year now, it takes me around 10 minutes every second day, and I make about $80 - $100 a month which isn't bad for the amount of time it takes me.

My favourite sites are: Nielson Net Ratings, NPD, Ipsos and Cashcrate.

Check out this site I found which have reviews for each of the sites and more info on them:

Reply:I've done surveys for a long time and I created a whole blog about FREE surveys. I posted tutorial videos, proof of payment (checks), legit survey sites, and contact info if you want more guidance or have questions.



I know that there are a lot of scams out there offering easy money. I have tried many and there are a couple of survey sites I would recommend.

In the source box I listed my favourite sites.. You don’t have to; but if you like those sites please note my name as your referral.

These sites are honestly free to join and you can make money simply by completing daily surveys and if you have a little extra time by completing the 100% free offers---which involve clicking no for a couple of minutes.

(Most importantly I have always been paid right away)

The first 4 sites will pay by check or paypal. The 5th site is a bit of a pain, but it’s easy money. The last site will pay in points that can be easily converted into dollars. (plus the Spiderbyte site is kinda fun and user friendly) Also another site worth checking out is Cashcrate. You won’t make thousands of dollars per month because that is honestly not possible---the sites that promise you this are straight up lying. But with these sites it is easy to make an extra few hundred bucks a month.

When creating your profile---keep your interests very broad and open so you can be selected for more surveys. And also I recommend setting up a new e-mail address. Most importantly Never, ever give out your credit card information or ssn information. Likely you understand this; it’s just that sometimes company’s can be very tricky and their offers really temping. As a personal note I actually work in customer care for a credit card company and I have unfortunately seen way too many times where company’s offering free trials will continue to bill people for months. Which is a headache for all involved. (Accept lol for the sneaky company)

Hope this helps! :)
Reply:i've never done an online survey before and I doubt companies would just hand out money without getting something in return but the site below seems to be what you are looking for.


also since you are a student you might want to try going to your school and asking them if they have any paid surveys you can participate in. I hope this helps. :)

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