Thursday, May 20, 2010

Online survey companys that offer to pay?

ive heard and seen alot about those online survey companys that offer to pay you for your time. most require about 35 dollars to get involved. has anyone done this? do you know if its a scam? or does anyone know any that are free and lagit?

Online survey companys that offer to pay?
Generally, if a company asks you for money up front, it's a scam. Also, most online survey companies are scams.

Companies that actually pay their clients are harder to get into because they are legit and because there is such a demand to be a part of such organizations.

The only valid company I know of is pinecone research. They send you products to test and send you $5 for trying them out. They also ask general questions about products that you may have already used and send you $5 each for those as well. I was with them for quite a while and really liked it a lot. They put up banner ads sometimes and clicking on a banner ad is the only way to join.

Other companies offer you quizzes in exchange for noncash prizes.

Do not pay to start taking surveys. Do not. It really is a scam. Also, this isn't something that you will be able to get rich off of or even survive off of. It is something that you can do for a little extra money each month.

Good luck.

Pinecone Research

GreenField Online

Harris Poll Online




Survey Spot
Reply:Don't pay anyone to give you something free.
Reply:OMG...Yeah!!!It really works. I paid upfront 35$ and then got paidjust by answering stupid questions. Questions such as like do you like seafood? Do you hold your money on your pocket or wallet?

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Reply:I've been to a lot of sites that claim to pay for your opinions, but some require you to pay a fee, or buy from their sponsors, or they give you "points" to use on their site.

I've never been to one where they have actually sent money. There are sites that will send you a free sample for your opinions though.
Reply:Don't bother with the ones that ask you to pay up front. That makes no sense when the information is already free on the web. See here:
Reply:they are a scam
Reply:If you have to pay, its most likely a scam. I've tried a few sites that are free to join and the only one i've had any luck with is CashDuck, I've been using it for a few months and have made enough to pay off some bills. I highly recommend it.
Reply:i tryed it it's very good.
Reply:Exodus 3000!!!
Reply:Like you, i have been searching for online survey company that is paying cash and free to register and not scam, finally i found one....mohaha...but it might take time to earn....
Reply:honey, if they tell you pay us, then we will pay you. it is a scam


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