Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Are the online survey sites that supposedly give you money for taking surveys just scams?

Through my many experiences,they are trying to get you to subscribe to different offers or "deals". Upon completion of several offers and doing the survey you may get money usually $1.00 us.

Are the online survey sites that supposedly give you money for taking surveys just scams?
Some are legit. I have found some great on line opportunities. It took a lot of research to find good sites and I made well over $2,000 last month. Please see my profile for more details and proof that these sites pay. All these sites are free to join too. Hope this helps.
Reply:Hey, I am a member on a site called treasuretrooper. I swear to you it's legit. If you check out their forums, you can see hundreds of different members posting up checks they've received. The first week I joined I made about $40! If you spend more time submitting to offers than I do, you can make much more. Hope this helps! http://www.treasuretrooper.com/249069
Reply:No some are legitimate but take too long..

Make $$ reading emails ...you get paid 2 cents per email that u read that is sent to you ...it is totally free to sign up for ur acct and u also get a $10.00 bonus when u sign up ...all you need is pc and internet access and you can read your emails anywhere ...you don't make that much money but it is legitimate...

Reply:sign up at fusioncash.com. it is NOT a scam. both myself and my daughter do it. now, you're not going to get rich. but her last check was for like 45 bucks. and it didn't take her weeks and weeks of taking surveys. i also do pinecone research. but i don't think they are taking sign ups right now.
Reply:i dunno
Reply:Well yes. All they do is get your info and sell it. So therefore even if they do pay you it is not worth it. All they do is take you to another another then another survey oh yeah then 14 more!
Reply:Pretty much just scams. They say you can make "up to $75".. but mostly.. you will get something like 2 cents per survey, and they will mail you maybe one or 2 every few days. Also.. a lot of the surveys will make you sign up for aditional things before you can even take it.

A big time waster!
Reply:hai..if you want to do survey to get extra money, then forget it~! It's not a scam anyway, survey company just make a trick on you! If you're lucky enough, it takes about half year to even get $10. The survey will be so long and boring that u will leave it before it is finish. Another thing, usually they will pay by using shopping voucher, i dont think you will need shopping voucher right~!! I have tried lots of survey, so i know that it just not worth it..Anyway, right now im doing free to join online job. Its very easy and there is a big community that is doing it too. if u'r interested, u can mail me ok. But one thing you must remeber, dont ever join any job that ask you to pay before you start to work, they should be paying you~!!All the best for you.


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