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Are there any online survey jobs that pay real money and are free to join?

most of them are scams and go for blogging and earn frm Adsense revenue,

Are there any online survey jobs that pay real money and are free to join?
Most online survey sites are scams. Never ever pay to join a survey site. There are legitimate survey sites out there, however you will usually only be able to make around 10-15 dollars a month per site (and that is a good month). The truth is, there is no one out there that is willing to pay you a lot of money for filling out surveys all day.

Below is a partial list of legitimate online survey companies:

Survey Savvy

Haris Poll Online

Greenfield Online

Opinion Outpost

Survey Spot


NPD Online

Lightspeed Panel


Feel free to use a search engine to visit their websites yourself, or you can visit my website at:

I am personally a member of all of these sites and have received payment or rewards from all of them.

I have all the links available as well as information on each site including:

Rating (1-5 Stars)

Survey Participation Method

Payment Type

Payment Method

Minimum Payout

Average $ Per Survey

Survey Invitation Frequency

Referral Program

Minimum Age

I don't charge you anything for this information, but I have worked very hard compiling it, and I am constantly updating, so I would appreciate it if you bookmarked the page and checked out my sponsors.

Hope this helps!
Reply:1. WelI I actually take surveys for cash. And yes they do pay as long as you know the good ones. I have some free survey sites that are very reliable just check out my profile by clicking my name or email me at for them. I only give sites that I've been paid by so you won't get scammed. They're all reliable and I've never had a problem with them. (I've been doing them for a year now) The best part is that anyone can do them and they're easy. You won't get rich but they definitely help with bills :)

2. Btw a lot of the ones above are spammers and I wouldn't trust them
Reply:long term steady income require some patience and dedication.. fast n easy money r mostly scams..

I have been successful with adsense and pretty happy with it till now, Its free to start with so no startup cost whatsoever. what i suggest is start your own blog/site and monetize it with adsense, or get some content writing assignments, you can also try data entry or writing sponsored articles and reviews.

you can find some helpful links here:

You can also find some information and resources on how to get your blog and website rolling here:

Get your site/blog reviewed. Increase your rating and popularity and get more visitors. here is a site that does that for free:

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Reply:I have been doing online surveys for around a year now %26amp; in sharing my experience, I have created a guide that offers a detailed look into legit free paid online surveys here:

I believe this blog will help you in your endeavors. My video tutorials can help ease the process of entering into paid survey sites. I also have proof of payment pictures to show that these sites are not scams.

*the key is not to just sign up for one site and expect loads of riches, but to sign up for a few and have the smaller checks add up*

*if you ever have to pull out a credit card, its not worth it*
Reply:try there's no sign up fees or anything. you get paid to do offers and you get a small percentage of the money you use at some sites offered on it. you get paid on the first of each month once you've reached $50.

its a good site, i've made quite a bit of money off it now. refer your friends as well and you can both make some money. =P

you'll need a paypal account and the higher paying offers need a credit card for the free trial so just do the free trial and cancel with like 2-3 days left. you won't lose any money, and you'll still get paid for the offer. =D

please use my referal link, this way we can both make money. yay!! =P just click on the "sign up" button on the top right.

it won't make you rich instantly, but if you refer your friends, you can make a bit of money.
Reply:Try doing GPT (get paid to) sites. You can earn faster with these. Most of them give you a bonus when you sign up! All you are doing is completing surveys/offers, downloading, signing up to forums. Try this one You can get up to $5 for signing up.
Reply:99% of the websites are frauds. They will charge on your credit card and never respond back. So my dear fellows it is my sinciere request not to fell prey to these scams. However if you really want to work from home online / offline and expect regular income then visit my site:

This will work if you will work


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