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What factors influence people to take and complete online surveys?

Are there specific issues to consider when developing my online survey? What should I do, and what shouldn't I do?

What factors influence people to take and complete online surveys?
******* I get paid to take surveys and I never finish the ones that require some financial obligation or "qualifications" (i.e. purchases and memberships). If you want to do this sucessfully, make it simple and about honest surveys.
Reply:Don't link yourself to one of those paid survey sites. Provided that your survey is of benefit to the customer...they will take it. Meaning...it clearly is a way to serve them better, etc.
Reply:%26gt;Regular visitors or newsletter subscribers are more likely to fill out surveys. Pop-up survey invitations for a first time visitor are very likely to be ignored.

%26gt;If you are programmer and code it yourself don't forget to put progress bar at the top of the screen. it is a lovely feature and makes people to chase the completion of a survey once they have started it.

%26gt; never put all questions in one page.

%26gt; if answerer has to make more than 7 answer clicks on a page its too much. if question is something like "on a scale from 0 to 10 evaluate the following 10 features" - that's too much ... if you have to do it then try to put light questions on the next few pages. drop out rates are higher on the second 'difficult' question

%26gt; find the right balance between open and closed questions. Too much open questions increases drop outs.

%26gt; Test it. When you prepare the questionnaire check with at least 5 friends/colleagues on how it works .. are there any broken links .. is the flaw of logic right, etc.

Those a few basic rules for conducting on-line survey.

Have a good one.
Reply:There's a great article called "Survey Response Rates - Tips on how to increase response rates" at:


It's an Australian resource and you should definitely read it.

Hope that helps.


Reply:People tend to take surveys when they had either a very positive or very negative experience with a company, product or service. So, don't be surprised if your results show clusters of opinions at both ends of the rating scale.

What's most important in developing an online survey is to keep it short, focused and interesting to the survey taker. Make the survey short and completely relevant to the survey taker. Long surveys will suffer from terrible "completion" rates and the results will be questionable at best.

Also, I'd recommend NOT paying people to take your survey as this will result in people providing any answer just to get the cash.
Reply:More than likely, to be honest, most surveys are done out of sheer boredom or the excitement of the outcome no matter how big or small that may be.


Keep it very user friendly, not busy with lots of choices or obscurely placed buttons. Simple and straightforward does it for me.

Keep it relatively short and keep the questions simple. I don't want to think really hard about a question for an online survey. I'll lose interest.

Don't ask questions that are exactly the same, just worded differently to get a different outcome.

Give specific instructions before the survey as to what I need to do. Don't make me guess.

Have a progress counter if you have multiple pages. This way I know how close I am to being complete.

Hope this helps somewhat.
Reply:People like filling out surveys because they want to express their opinion. They also want to see improvements.

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

1) Make the survey short and specific. It should not take more than 3 - 4 minutes to complete.

2) Keep it simple and easy to understand.

3) Tell why you are doing the survey and how people's input will be used to improve something.

4) Include one or two open-ended questions at the end. These are questions that cannot be answered simply by "yes" or "no." They will have to type in their answer.

5) Make sure the questions do not influence what sort of answers you get. Often, questions are purposely asked in a way that brings a desired response.

Hope this helps.


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