Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can you really make easy money online by doing survey etc?

or is it just a scam, anyone else done it in the past?

Can you really make easy money online by doing survey etc?
No easy money. It's a scam, and the people who say yes you can are trying to scam you.
Reply:No. If you are seeking ways to make a living wage and/or augment your income, responding to surveys on the internet is NOT a realistic option.
Reply:You can make easy money if you choose the right site......... alot of them just enter you into a sweepstake to potentially win money. Those that do pay, you'll only make like £5 - £15 a year from them.

Of all the ones I've tested, these are the best 2 that ACTUALLY COUGH UP MONEY:

CIAO - pay you for doing surveys + writing product reviews (and getting people to sign up)


YouGov - minimum pay out £50 (so far I've only made £14 in 2yrs registered with them):


One thing you may want to take note of, though, is that the volume of offers / spam e-mails clogging up your inbox increases when signed up with these sites.... so I use a seperate e-mail account for registering with them, and have Spam filtering turned on.

I've been testing nearly all the UK ones since February 2005

So far made about £20 - £30 via CIAO.... the only time I've actually MADE money in 8yrs of using the Internet (apart from a few small 50p wins in the early days of Bananalotto.co.uk - a free online lottery site).

There are many stay-at-home-jobs that are scams. I found one that isn't. I have been using one for the last month and a half. This is a great site if you want it to be your actual job or just extra money on the side. All you have to do is surveys and offers, and companies WILL pay you for it. You can earn money and also earn game systems, music players, computers, televisions, and etc through surveys and offers.

You get to be your own boss and be in monthly contests where you can win an iphone, ipods, game system, etc.

Completely Free to Join. You don't have to waste any of your money to make any. It's all FREE

Check forums for proof of payment

So join below - its not like your wasting any money.

Check it out – wont hurt

You only need to be 13 to join.This site has great referral rates too. So what are you waiting for join below!!

This site is opened to people from all around the world. So Join now and click the link below to redirect you

Reply:I currently earn around 1200-1500 every month by just completing surveys and referring more and more people to join that program...and therefore earning commissions on whatever they earn.....sign-up for free and its not a scam since i've been using it from last 5-6 months....if you really want to check which ones are scams...check out the forum - www.gptboycott.com
Reply:many are scams. some may work. you may make money but not enough to quit your regular job
Reply:I didn't believe it, but you can. My sister referred me to the site below and I just received my first check from them; however, you can't make a ton of money as many FALSE ads will tell you. I made $30, but hey, with the cost of gas, $30 dollars works for me. The place below pays you to read emails and do surveys, etc. Check them out, they ARE legit.

Reply:yes you can i have been payed from them go here for a list of them

Reply:I've been doing lightspeed panel surveys since may and so far have received £15 in amazon vouchers. they dont' pay you cash there but they do offer vouchers and goods and you get to choose how you spend your points.
Reply:I registered to do them and they send me surveys to do quite often but as soon as I go to do them they say that they have fulfilled their quota!
Reply:Valued Opinions is really good i use it and everytime you get £5 u can apply for vouchers for most high street shops like argos and woolies i recently had £10 and they sent me 2 vouchers im nearly ready for my 3rd one!!! its really good
Reply:Nope,ive signed up with numerous onlines surveys that promise to pay up. Ive spent hours filling in stupid form and not received a penny. Ive not lost out money wise, just time. Will never do it again and advise you not to bother, no matter how convincing it can look.