Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Which online survey things for money are actually the real deal?

I like Bzz.com. You don't get money, but you get to try products for free and then you talk about them with other people and report back. I've tried some fun stuff. You get a star because I want to know what other people have to say about this. Luck!

Which online survey things for money are actually the real deal?
Why bother? If you're trying to make extra money online while attending college - why not try Affiliate Marketing? It seems to be a huge fad lately and it's not hard to learn as long as you start with the right training.

Some people make a TON of money while trying to earn some quick cash.

Something to think about?

I actually know of someone close to me who did the same thing. You'd be surprised!
Reply:If you want to earn money, you will have to get a real job. You can't earn a living answering surveys (which really just collect info on you!) on the Internet. No company is going to pay good money for that when they can simply provide a survey link on their receipts and get ACTUAL CUSTOMERS to tell them what they thought of their services or products (for free!).

this one is the best yet, they will give you 5 dollars for signing up, money for reading emails, and doing surveys

Im up to $15.23 once I get to 30$ they send a check
Reply:not sure about surveys.. but I have been successful with adsense and pretty happy with it till now, what i suggest is start your own blog/site and monetize it with adsense, or get some content writing assignments, you can also try data entry or writing sponsored articles and reviews.

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