Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Can anyone tell me if there are any legit paid online survey companies?

are there any real paid surveys?

Can anyone tell me if there are any legit paid online survey companies?
The rule, as always, is to stay away from those that ask you to pay before you can get these surveys.

Legitimate market survey companies such as Pinecone Research recruit members based on demographic characteristics -- e.g. mothers of babies 0-12 years old -- and will send surveys of products and services targeting this demographic group. Pinecone Research, however, pays only $5 per survey -- you're definitely not going to be rich with that. They can give you anywhere from 1-5 at most surveys in a month.

Other companies simply ask you to answer as many research as possible, and you don't earn anything just the chance to win at a raffle (which I find lame).

Pinecone Research http://www.pineconeresearch.com

GreenField Online http://www.greenfieldonline.com

Harris Poll Online http://www.harrispollonline.com

BuzzBack http://www.buzzback.com

SurveySite http://www.surveysite.com

SurveySavvy http://www.surveysavvy.com

Survey Spot http://www.surveyspot.com/

Reply:I joined http://www.surveypolicy.com and it's making me good money not only from paid surveys but also mystery shopping, focus groups. i like their form filling software, it saved me lots of time.
Reply:SurveySavvy is awesome. It's totally free to sign up! I've received several checks from them already from surveys they have invited me to take. They are also a member of the Better Business Bureau.

P.S. You also get paid for each survey your referrals take so have your friends and family sign up to!

To sign up, click on the following link:

Reply:Yes I have been doing surveys for a while now,because I am a stay at home mom just needing some extra $$$$.This company is legit and cost nothing to join.They pay you $3.00 just for signing up with them.They pay you to read email,take surveys,play games,etc.Good Luck

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