Sunday, November 15, 2009

Does anyone know any paid online survey sites?

that actually pay!!?? a site that actually giving the survey not a site that tells you where to go. Ive tried those... they dont work.

Does anyone know any paid online survey sites?
Cash crate is one of those sites that actually pays. It is free to join and very easy to use. I have been very happy with my time spent with cash crate. It is definately worth it. You should check it out
Reply:It is a lil off topic but... you look so adorable in your avatar! ;)

anyways, I been doing surveys for over a year and received checks by them, so i know their legit. email me at

They are email invites and i'm willing to help you if you need any help.
Reply:Becareful with paid surveys, most of them just sell your e-mail address to participating sponsors because you agree to it in the terms and conditions when you click the I agree box on the TOS. Then you end up with about 200 e-mails per day and only 2 are surveys and they are next to impossible to find anyway. To be honest I've never found any that was actually worth the hassle, and besides that most only pay 1-20 cents per survey and will not issue a check until your account balance reaches at least 50 dollars.

Inboxdollars offers a paid surveys, and pays 1-10 cents per e-mail that they send to you and online cash games, online shopping rewards and much more. They have a zero tolerance spam policy. So you only recieve e-mail from the offers you personally sign-up for or 2 e-mail ads that you get paid to view from inboxdollars theirself per day.

To be honest, you can only expect 2 - 3 checks per year from inboxdollars but that is still twice as many as any paid survey sites.

Either way, good luck with your search and I hope this was informative for you.


Reply:you said that you have tried the paid to signup sites but you might still want to try Cash Lagoon. They pay by paypal in 24hrs of signing up - i've literally made $150 with this site but also did some offers that require a free credit card for a trial offers, etc. They have daily paid surveys (exactaly what you're looking for) that total about $1 each day. But the bread and butter is really 100% free offers like a) get paid to signup for survey sites and b) scroll through a few pages of marketing questions via a "paid survey" but it's really a list of marketing offers (e.g. party with a star, bandarama, etc.).

Try CashLagoon ! i've had a lot of luck with this site. there are all sorts of offers listed here but cashlagoon is really my top pick of any of them.


  1. ClixSense is a very recommended get-paid-to site.

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