Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How do I find out if the paid survey online is legitamate?

Don't waste your money...I signed up several months ago and selected a list of twenty survey companies that I'd like to work with...to date i 've only heard from two and I've not qualified for any of the surveys....so I still haven't earned any cash. Total waste of money that I don't have.

How do I find out if the paid survey online is legitamate?
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Reply:Yes there are legitimate surveys sites, personally I belong to the "top five" and I just spend about an hour a night doing surveys, best thing is I get paid good money monthly and I didn't spend any money to join!

For more detailed information check out http://1survey.2fortune.com
Reply:Don't sign up for any survey site which asks you to pay to access the surveys. Also watch for language like "get paid for taking surveys AND SIGNING UP FOR OFFERS" if you don't want to have to sign up for stuff with other companies to get paid.

Always carefully read their terms of service and privacy policy. If in their privacy policy they say they only use aggregated info, this is GOOD SIGN they are legit. Aggregated info information that is grouped together so it can't be connected with anyones personal identification like name, e-mail, phone or address. That's what survey sites SHOULD collect. Watch out for sites that say they give, rent, or sell any personal information (info that is not agregated) to third parties.

I've listed some of the sites I have taken surveys through and actually been paid (or recieved other rewards like gift cards or CDS) on the following, if you are interested:

Reply:Make sure that you are not paying any money. Give an email address that is a throw away. (one of the free ones, like mail.com) and try it out. The worse that would happen is you start getting junk email but then you can dispose of the address. I do a few surveys online that I get paid any were from .40-$5 a survey and get to try out new products for free. I have been in them for years, I do not get junk mail.

The two sugestions below are not survey sites. Cashcrate is a place you have to sign up, buy or join something and they will pay you. The other is just advertisement.
Reply:Check out the Work from Home Guide


They have a ton of survey sites that they offer for FREE. No catch, either.

Never pay for this information.


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