Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's the deal with online survey jobs?

i've read alot about doing online surveys for cash and incentives, but some of these websites seem too good to be true. are any of these organizations reliable? if so, which ones really work, and which are scams? i'm very new in this and i appreciate any advice from the experts.

also, i'm looking for survey sites with topics/products for the 18-and-under crowd, if there are any recommendations

What's the deal with online survey jobs?
be cautious . some of these sites are legit and lots are not. you know the old saying --if its too good to be true it probably is. you know for sure its not good when they ask you for money up front (what kind of place charges you money to work for them???)

check with the Better Business Bureau. Check out the Federal Trade Commission webstie (FTC) . And you can do a search in a legal database for that companies name, see if there any actions against it.. Also your state Attorney Generals office will have information on some of the seedy ones. Unfortunately some of these slimy companies prey on kids... so discuss it with an adult before you make a commitment of time (your parents are a good resource unless they are crappy parents). good luck --try zoom panel I've been doing that for a couple years and have gotten all sorts of stuff -- cd, little tech gadgets, magazines
Reply:Online survey "jobs" are a joke. Avoid these at all costs. All these sites are doing is collecting your "personal information" and your "email address" for their own personal use to SELL to other companies.

Your personal info and email address is added to a LIST of other email addresses know to the company that you give it to as a "house file."

This "house file" is made up of around 500-3,000 other people's emails and personal info, and SOLD to other companies that sell products/services to your genre/age group.

And then, after you enter your info, it seems like you are in a never-ending survey, until you get tired of it or they create a page within said survey that is a "404 Error Page" and you think, "Oh great.. All that for nothing." And then you just close the window.. But it's OK, because that company now has your information already, and is placing it into that "house-file" getting it ready to sell.

Long Story Short: Avoid Online Survey Jobs. There is no "fast %26amp; short" way to make money online. Good-luck finding a job.

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