Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Which online survey company actually works and pays?

There are literally dozens of market research companies using online surveys as part of their research, that are willing to pay you for your opinions. Some sites are obviously more active than others, but if you're looking for a regular income, it's worth signing up with some of the quieter panels as these smaller amounts do add up after a while. Priority should be for sites like GlobalTestMarket, MySurvey.com and Valued Opinions as these send survey invitations every week.

Visit one of the free online directories like http://www.whichsurveys.com and work through the listing for your country. There's a paragraph or two about each company to give you an idea of what to expect, including payment. In general, the more active sites are listed first so sign up with these first.

Which online survey company actually works and pays?
Something that always really annoys me is how people brand paid online surveys as scams. Ive been a member of many paid surveys companies for many years and have earnt my fair share of money and paypal aswell as online gift certificates for lots of online stores.

It seems that people really arnt paying attention to what they sign upto.

Many survey companies take a certain time period before you are paid. Sometimes its days or even weeks. So as soon as a few hours is up they say oh i havent been paid for doing that survey.

If people continue to pick survey companies that have dodgey names like survey monkey or 30 dollar days then its their own fault. Try using the ones with legitimate names, do your homework on the paid survey company before you join.

Ive had nothing but smooth sailing with the companies im with and have been with for many years. This one has a list of about 7 paid surveys sites http://www.techagesite.com/Surveys%20pag...
Reply:Most online survey sites are scams. Never ever pay to join a survey site. There are legitimate survey sites out there, however you will usually only be able to make around 10-15 dollars a month per site (and that is a good month). The truth is, there is no one out there that is willing to pay you a lot of money for filling out surveys all day.

Below is a partial list of legitimate online survey companies:

Survey Savvy

Haris Poll Online

Greenfield Online

Opinion Outpost

Survey Spot


NPD Online

Lightspeed Panel


Feel free to use a search engine to visit their websites yourself, or you can visit my website at:


I am personally a member of all of these sites and have received payment or rewards from all of them.

I have all the links available as well as information on each site including:

Rating (1-5 Stars)

Survey Participation Method

Payment Type

Payment Method

Minimum Payout

Average $ Per Survey

Survey Invitation Frequency

Referral Program

Minimum Age

I don't charge you anything for this information, but I have worked very hard compiling it, and I am constantly updating, so I would appreciate it if you bookmarked the page and checked out my sponsors.

Hope this helps!
Reply:There are quite some legitimate paid survey companies that work and pay. Tops ones are NFO MySurvey, SurveySavvy, GloblTestMarket, Pinecone Research..... Check out http://www.MySurvey123.com - they have FREE lists of legit paid survey sites with reviews and ratings, they also have articles/advice on paid surveys. Good luck!
Reply:I have been doing online surveys for around a year now %26amp; in sharing my experience, I have created a guide that offers a detailed look into legit free paid online surveys here:


I believe this blog will help you in your endeavors. My video tutorials can help ease the process of entering into paid survey sites. I also have proof of payment pictures to show that these sites are not scams.

*the key is not to just sign up for one site and expect loads of riches, but to sign up for a few and have the smaller checks add up*

*if you ever have to pull out a credit card, its not worth it*
Reply:That's easy: http://www.mysurvey.com

I've been a member for years and I've received a few checks for my efforts.

You're not going to get huge amounts every month, but some of the surveys are worth a lot of points and you can build up your points by getting friends to join.

It's fun and absolutely not a scam in any way.

E-rewards is okay, but what you get from it is only discounts at certain businesses--not very good once you look at the offers.
Reply:I've done surveys for a long time and I created a whole blog about FREE surveys. I posted tutorial videos, proof of payment (checks), legit survey sites, and contact info if you want more guidance or have questions.


Reply:Here is a review of top 3 online paid surveys, you can just take a look , they are really paid ones, you can choose one of them.

Reply:Don't waste your time looking for internet "jobs." As you have seen, you've just made an invitation to be bombarded with all kinds of scams
Reply:Try e-rewards.com

They give you money to redeem for a lot of different things.

I've been using them for about a year and it's awesome.
Reply:Go to http://moneymakingsurveysites.blogspot.c... and read the 1st topic. I use it so I know's legit.
Reply:none, they are all scams
Reply:I don;t know but I would like to know


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  3. All kinds of survey companies and market researchers are offering signup bonuses to recruit new panelists.

    Remember, your membership can be shared with a friend or family member too!

    By the way, a few minutes ago, I just checked my email and I got $390 worth of survey offers for the next week. That means I could earn $390 simply by taking those surveys on my computer.

    Makes me wonder what I'm doing wasting my time sending these emails! :)

    Anyways, I hope to see you sign up soon. I know you won't regret it!