Saturday, November 19, 2011

Are there any good online survey websites for the UK where i can earn some good money?

not sure about surveys.., but if you find writing and blogging fun then sure u can do something about it..

what i suggest is start your own blog/site and monetize it with adsense, or get some content writing assignments, you can also try data entry or writing sponsored articles and reviews.

u can find info on blogging for money here: http://start-blogging-for-money.blogspot...

although long term steady income require some patience and dedication.. fast n easy money r mostly scams..

I have been successful with adsense and pretty happy with it till now, Its free to start with so no startup cost whatsoever.

for other earning online and work at home ideas, you can find some helpful links here:

You can also find some information and resources on how to get your blog and website rolling here:

Get your site/blog reviewed. Increase your rating and popularity and get more visitors. here is a site that does that for free:

-all the best


Are there any good online survey websites for the UK where i can earn some good money?
I have been doing online surveys for around a year now %26amp; in sharing my experience, I have created a guide that offers a detailed look into legit free paid online surveys here:

I believe this blog will help you in your endeavors. My video tutorials can help ease the process of entering into paid survey sites. I also have proof of payment pictures to show that these sites are not scams.

*the key is not to just sign up for one site and expect loads of riches, but to sign up for a few and have the smaller checks add up*

*if you ever have to pull out a credit card, its not worth it*
Reply:yeah many of them are out there. you can use the link below to get a list of survey sites that pay you by paypal or check.
Reply:Ciao UK, and some other top worldwide paid survey sites such as globaltestmarket, NFO MysurveyUK...check out - they have a FREE list of legitimate UK Paid survey sites with reviews and ratings (as well as US, CAN, AUS Int. lists). good luck!
Reply:Well there is much work at home opportunities through internet. Many are genuine also. Please visit the source link to find various links in the additional detail of the question. You will find useful info there. The question has been asked in the yahoo answers itself.;...
Reply:Hello, I've joined a program recently. You'll get $25 per referral and $100 bonus just for signing up. Its free to join. If you interested you can email me at and i'll show you how to increase your revenue.

Look at this website, I think you would find what you need.
Reply:This is the best site i've came across. It's fast and its free!

Read about it here:
Reply:no survey website will give you "good money". and actually, you are lucky to earn anything at all. The most luck I've had was with I'm not sure if they work in the UK.


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