Saturday, November 19, 2011

Online survey...!!?

1.Where are you?

2.What time is it?

3.How's the weather there?

4.How old are you?

5.How do you say "How are you" in your language?

I'm at LA.

It's 12:22 am

warm and humid. Clear night.


How are you?

Thanks for participating. Have a good weekend! :-)

Online survey...!!?
Ga.....3:29am.....clear and hot....18....chay language is romainian.....that was fun
Reply:I am in cyber-space its cold its o100hrs.and I think my space-ship knows which way to go............
Reply:Bayou Vista, LA


Steamy humid from the storm that went thru yesterday afternoon.


How ya doin'? or comme ca va?(sp?)
Reply:1. Montebello, CA

2. 12:29

3. cold

4. 10

5. Como Estas?: Spanish
Reply:I am in Akron, Ohio USA

It is 3:35am

The weather is finally cooling down, but it is still muggy!

I am a little older then my teeth

How are you

You also have a good weekend!
Reply:1. K.C.MO

2. 2:27 am

3. It was hot, but now it's cooled down alot.

4. 37

5. How are you?
Reply:1. Calgary, Alberta, Canada

2. 1:26am

3. Hot as sin

4. 25

5. How are you?
Reply:1. I am in the States

2. 5:45 am

3. cool and humid

4. 31

5. Comment allez-vous? (I'm actually British, but I thought I'd give you one you haven't heard yet-French by the way)

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