Saturday, November 19, 2011

How safe are online survey sites that say they pay?

I'm about to enter college and always looking for new oppurtunities to make some safe and quick money and online surveys have sparked my curiousity, yet I'm unsure about it. It would be great if people could tell me about their experiences especially with Thanks. :)

How safe are online survey sites that say they pay?
You can check out my blog. It shows you tons of ways to make money online. Hopefully it helps you. You dont need a credit card or nothing. No Investment...Its all free, and they payout through paypal.
Reply:I have tried them all and as yet received NO money. Just did a lot of work for nothing. They all promise wonders but don't follow thru.
Reply:they are full of it
Reply:You will make no money or very little money from these. A better way to make quick money would be to sell some of your stuff that you won't need anymore.

I started doing surveys, but each time I finish, I am told that I did not qualify to complete the survey. Just a trick to get opinions, but not to pay.
Reply:not safe at all


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