Saturday, November 19, 2011

I want to find a online survey that actually pays w/out u having to sign up 4 something?

im looking to do online surveys and get paid for them-but without me having to buy something. if there i anyone doing this and getting paid-cash..please tell me what site to go to. everywhere i go eventually want s money for my opinion instead of paying me for my opinion. any honest help i would be thankful for

I want to find a online survey that actually pays w/out u having to sign up 4 something?
I doubt it....I wouldnt personally pay someone for answering a few questions...with those kind of things you never really get something for nothing
Reply:ya check out my site I review all the sites that have paid me and even posted the checks online. They're all free and easy. You won't get rich but they definitely help with bills or something. :)
Reply:I found some paying surveys/homebased/online money making sites here:

P.S. Never join if they ask you to pay an amount first!

There are a few free to join survey pages that pay. I'm a stay at home dad and use them for some extra cash. The sites that ask you to pay money to join are scams. There are some free sites reviewed here that I've used and have had good luck with:

Good Luck

This website gives you tips, tricks, ideas and proven methods on how to generate a 4 or 5 digit salary, every month! Best yet, it's 100% free and is run by a great person who is willing to answer questions and provide real feedback and information.

i signed up here... did a few surveys... and earned a few bucks for free
Reply:This is the best survey site in the world if you live in North America!

You can make US $200 a month with the above site.
Reply:Created a whole blog about free surveys. I made tutorial videos and posted proof of payment.
Reply:Hey I know a great site, you get points and you can redeem them for giftcards to any store or items on most websites. Give it a try.

I've gotten one video game and a giftcard to Itunes. Make sure you make a new email and read the FAQ after signing up if you need help. You can get whatever you want because you can use amazon to get your stuff.


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