Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do anyone know if online survey jobs legit , an if so have you done any, an how can i ? no scammers please!?

i have gotton emails from online business's websites about doin surveys 4 cash. im skeptical of them becuz they want you to pay some cash to join the program. its a small fee but large enuff to b mad if you were scammed out of it.

Do anyone know if online survey jobs legit , an if so have you done any, an how can i ? no scammers please!?
I'm the queen of surveys. I am a member of over 40 survey sites. I'll tell you this first and foremost. NEVER PAY TO JOIN OR TAKE A SURVEY. Ever! There is no need. I have joined all mine for free!

I suggest opening up a completely separate email account just for surveys, it will save you a big headache in the end. I get lots of money and gift cards all the time but surveys take time, I usually take about an hour out of my day, everyday, to do surveys.

I have not associated any of these with my accounts for "referrals" because I do not wish to sell myself that way here on yahoo answers. No use phishing for referrals.

Here are some good, legitimate, safe, sites to start you off with that I have been a member of for over 3 years each. (my personal favorite)
Reply:Sure, no problem. Just know that it will take time to build up some points on certain websites so you can redeem them for merchandise, gift cards or cash. Ya know, I think I forgot a great one: Report Abuse

Reply:Doing surveys online never worked for me. They take up a lot of time and you dont get much money for them.

Try it is Free and easy. You do make money and there is never an amount that you have to make each month in order to get paid. It really is the best online biz for us who don't want to make an initial investment. Good luck with whatever you do.
Reply:Many people these days are making money online with paid surveys. I have found that these paid surveys are especially suitable for students. Since many students are living with a tight%26lt;!--budget the several hundred dollars that can be made monthly is a big help and the flexibility of taking paid surveys online is a big plus for students as well. To join these companies, you dont need a credit card and the best part is that you dont need to pay anything. Its FREE.

These are three of the top reasons that paid surveys are so well suited to students. Students spend a good--%26gt;part of their time online already. Paid survey sites place a premium on users between the ages of 13-25 3. Most students can benefit from the extra money earned with paid surveys
Reply:You can do surveys online go here for a list of them
Reply:Any online survey needs a business license to operate and to pay money. Find out what state they operate from and go to that state website and verify they are legit. If they are legitimate they should not be asking you for any money because your the one taking the survey. If you pay money your taking a risk because you dont know whom your paying or where the money actually goes.
Reply:If you are willing to read up a 41 pages report with step by step guide, then you definitely can make profits online.

This report is free for all though. I have tried the method and though I only earned $477 but at least I received my first "real" paycheck using the Free method.

You can visit the site to download the step by step guide if you want:

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