Saturday, November 19, 2011

How do you know if making online such as survey are scam?

How do you which companies for making money online are scam or not? If they send you check, how do you know if it is real?

How do you know if making online such as survey are scam?
First Find Out The Certificates of the Website and make sure they are Valid second off, take the name of the address and run it through a reverse Search at it will tell you the Whois and who runs it and their location as the owner of the domain 3rd off if it looks cheap forget it anyone can set up a site post a few things and hope it works.... 4th off GO WITH YOUR GUT!
Reply:Well you could try this site out, they dont ask you to pay anything or even credit card, cause if they do, then its pretty much a SCAM.

i found it recently after doing research and seperating the scammers from the legit sites.

They actually even have TV commerials. They update your account in realtime, you just have to take surveys. They're quick and they tell you before hand how much each one is worth.

They also have a forum so you can definately talk to other members.
Reply:Many people earn a living online, but a large number of people also lose money try to earn money online. Some people have even lost their lives in the Nigerian 419 scam, when strangers promise them millions of dollars. Other scams make unrealistic promises - "earn $400-600 weekly by working a few hours daily" or are business opportunities where few will recover their money.Check this out for more information
Reply:If you do not receive a 1099 or w-2 form in which your taxes are paid by employer or your authorization to pay your own taxes, it's a scam. Why waste your time and energy working for someone else??? If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. I don't know many businesses in the habits of sending out checks for no reason. Those survey things are buying your personal information... name and address, email address, and in many cases credit card and banking information.

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