Saturday, November 19, 2011

What are some good, legitimate online paid survey site?

I'm a college student that looking to make some extra pocket change. Do you have to be a US citizen to join?

What are some good, legitimate online paid survey site?
There are many paid survey sites which offer good rewards for survey participants.

You don't have to be a US citizen to join them. But the best earning potential is for US residents.

Some pay for each survey you take, while others award you points which you can redeem for cash. A few of them enter you into sweepstakes for cash and prizes.

Some of the best free paid survey sites are


American consumer opinion




Brand Institute





Ciao Surveys


You can also get a list of top 20 paid survey sites at
Reply:There is a paid survey company called surveyadventure that I work with which has the high commisions per survey you finish. I earn atleast $250 spending just 20 min per day. You can sign up for free with the%26lt;!--survey company i have below, and you will be paid as soon as you finishes their survey.

They paid me in time everytime. The happyiest thing is that the registration is FREE. You just sign up and fill the form and start taking surveys. Try it, there is--%26gt;nothing to lose, its FREE to register and NO INVESTMENT. Registration will take only 3 mins. Just see how much you are going to earn in a few days. Am sure you can earn more than $250 in a week. All the best.
Reply:Do you really think a company is going to pay money for strangers to fill out surveys? They can include a link on their receipts and get real feedback from actual customers for FREE.
Reply:I currently belong to few.

Here are my favourites:




I most recommend EmailCash, Pureprofile and SurveyScout as I have recieved payments from them a few times.
Reply:Cashrate is by FAR the best. It's on a lot of top rankings and whatnot ; and you can be a teen. You can get money to your Paypal ANYTIME you want as long as you're at AT LEAST $5, which I earned within MINUTES. I love this site....their offers are free unless otherwise stated and easy to fill out. Really good help desk aswell... very easy to use. :) Hope I helpeddd... here is the url hun:


(replace [DOT] with a period)

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