Saturday, November 19, 2011

How do you know if an online survey site is a scam or not?

I did find a LEGITIMATE site that will pay as soon as you complete a survey. The key is to be patient and have a STRATEGY before you start. This site you can outsmart and actually make money. If you are really interested in making significant money you must put yourself into the target Demographic (Educated middle-class married with kids type people). This will lead to a lot of survey completion money. Most IMPORTANTLY, you must be patient and be sure to answer carefully so you fit the target Demographic. NEVER click random bubbles or you will be wasting your time.

Signing up for this can be tedious but in the end after you complete “you portrait” you will eventually get survey offers which will pay. Just be Patient and you shall prosper like me.. ;a...

Good Luck ;-) …………. and have good strategy!

How do you know if an online survey site is a scam or not?
Hi Joe,

It is a good idea to always use caution online. If you click on a link in an email, it might very well be a scam. If the survey asks you for personal information that can be used to access accounts or steal your identity, then it is probably a scam. Always check the URL address to be sure it is the one it is supposed to be. You can also download SiteAdvisor software that will hopefully reduce your chance of being scammed by identifying suspicious websites. The fact that you are asking this question tells me you are cautious and less likely to be taken advantage of by a scam. I have good success with Avast and the home version is free. :)
Reply:It pretty surely is. A few of them do pay, but very little - maybe a $10 or $25 gift card eventually after taking quite a few. Many require you to buy things to qualify for payment, and many just gather your personal info to get you on a zillion junk snail mail lists.
Reply:you can tell by what the site is and what the cause is for
Reply:Most of them are.
Reply:there are certain clues to look for... here is a checklist that tells you which factors to look for:
Reply:if they want u to pay money to join!!!!

dont do it!


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