Monday, May 24, 2010

Anybody know any legitamate online survey sites that pay money?

I found a good one called ripped and i've made 13 bucks so far anybody know any others?

Anybody know any legitamate online survey sites that pay money?
There aren't any home based businesses on the web that aren't scams. However - there are plenty of things you can do as a home based business. Go to Yahoo Finance and search for 'home business' and read their article on the top 25.

Ripped Wallet is a total scam as is the YTB travel business and Treasure Trooper. In fact YTB is under investigation by the SEC and IRS, as well as being reprimanded for violations within the industry for false advertising and recruiting irregularities.

If RippedWalletFrancis posts - he is a major scammer - please be wary. So is Cruz52. Both have been banned repeatedly for massive TOS violations, but they keep creating new accounts and spamming. I just keep reporting them and any other scam spammer I find.

BTW RWFrancis - are you 13, 14, 15, 16 or some other age? Your story keeps changing depending on the age of the question.
Reply:I make a few hundred dollars a month doing online surveys and most of the sites aren't scams... here's a website I used that gives some good sites where you can make money by doing online surveys, paid e-mails, etc. All of them work... I've tried every single one.
Reply:Hi Caryn,

It took a ton of research, but I have found some really good sites. I have averaged $2,000+ a month for the last 4 months. If you would like to see site descriptions and proof that they pay, please seem my profile.

By the way, all these sites are free to join.

Hope this helps.
Reply:i signed up but i dont know how to use it?
Reply:TreasureTrooper s NOT a scam. Anyone that says that has clearly never been a member. For anybody that is skeptical, go to TreasureTrooper's forum and look at their topic labeled something like "Post your check" in the Payment section. Hundreds of people post the actual checks they have received from them, some totaling 500-$600 for one month. Not everybody is going to make that much, but you can easily make $100-$150 per month. Another good site and just as easy, is which is part of the InstantDollarz Network.
Reply:Perhaps you should consider opening a home business. You could make a lot more money.


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