Monday, May 24, 2010

Being Paid to take online surveys and being in focus groups?

I know that there are millions of questions about this already but I felt the need to get fresh answers. I've been looking for ways to get some extra bucks online and I came across some sites that claim to pay you money for taking surveys. Some require a fee and some are completely free. I've "made" almost 10 dollars today from about 3 different free sites. Compared to what I had to do, 10 dollars really isn't a lot of money. They were kinda unorganized, spammy, took me to different sites and such, had to do alot for those 3 dollars!

Are there any legitimate sites (with little spam) that I can make a bit more for doing this? I have no problem with paying a registration fee if it promises what it claims--more money. I understand that grossing like 4000 a month is probably impossible but a couple hundred would help. Serious answers please, if you don't know anything, please don't bother even attempting to answer. Thanks in advance!

Being Paid to take online surveys and being in focus groups?
They are scams-------forget about those.
Reply:I am in some of those survey groups if you need a list of them email me and I will help get you started Report Abuse is good, you get earnings for surveys ($1) and signing up for things and shopping online. However - like all of theses site are - you do have to spend quite a bit of time on a survey to get that measley dollar.

I have tried many different site over the last 3 years and have yet to find one that really makes you money.

A new one I was trying I found on - i just signed up so I do not know if it works or not yet
Reply:I know of sites where they pay you to read ads.

You can give them a try!

Some sites even give you free money when you sign-up.

Click the links in my profile to find out more.

Registration is free!!!!

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