Monday, May 24, 2010

Do you know anything about paid online surveys?

I'm interested in earning a little extra cash and heard about paid online surveys. Are they legit? Anything I should be wary of?

Do you know anything about paid online surveys?
There are legit ones and they pay just a little. Pinecone Research is one. If one asks you to pay money to participate, it is a scam. There are local market research companies that you can contact through the yellow pages and find out if they are paying for research. They pay better than the online ones and frequently you get to try a new product for free.
Reply:THE online surveys are awful, they all are about applying or buying stuff,, and getting approved for credit cards giving your social security #, that is not right. Report Abuse

Reply:If you are looking for a survey site, i have something for you. I make almost $1000 every week from survey adventure and its a best paying SURVEY site I have ever seen. Happiest part is that Registration is FREEE and you dont need to pay anything%26lt;!--So you got nothing to lost. Sign up with survey adventure and start earning 1000's of dollars every week. To Work from Home, You do not have to drive to work. Your office can be anywhere you put your computer. Remember not to pay for any site you join in internet and run as far as you can from them :)

There are thousands of people making a pretty significant income from the Internet every day. Some people want to make just a little extra money online, while others want to turn it into a full-time career.Now obviously, the catch to it is that your earnings will depend--%26gt;entirely on your own efforts. But that's a pretty good trade-off in my opinion, especially for the beginner who is looking to just earn some extra money online. You may have some idea on how to make money online here,
Reply:since there are several scamming in the online business you should aware of it but i have few links to guaranteed paying online jobs and work at home jobs directories. you can make money working part time working part time as i have here since five years and making great income.

Pleas find these links click on online job vacancies for online job placements and click on international vacancies for employee, employer and area representatives for job. here you will find work at home jobs, data entry job, online job, typing job, clerk jobs, secretarial jobs and more...

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Reply:There are several Paid survey company exist online which you can join to get involved in part time activities. These companies offer you cash or prizes in exchange of your valuable time which you spend for giving your opinions.

Some companies seek opinion or preferences of general people about their new launching product to improve their product outcome.

For the same purpose company may do itself or may hire some companies which undertake such kind of surveys. Off course these companies are going to be benefited by these opinions.

Collecting consumer opinions to guide the course of action of the companies in relation to their product by online surveys is an easiest way. By online survey the companies may reach millions and millions opinion and may penetrate to the places where conventional survey can not go.

These types of companies reward you for the time which you spent for completing the survey. However your earning potential depends on the number, type and duration of the surveys you get in a month.
Reply:there are many online survey sites that are legit and actually do pay. one of them is cash crate. it is free to join and easy to use. one tip that i have been told is to only fill out a couple offers a day because they are more likely to credit than doing many offers at once. it will definately help you in the long run.
Reply:a few of the survey sites are real but not many

the one i use takes about 2 hours of surveys to make 20 bucks

but the minimum payout is 10 so it isn't that bad

here it is
Reply:They are legit.

There is this site called Raining riches.

It is a GPT site and you fill out offers and surveys for which they pay you good money for. Raining Riches is the highest paying GPT site out there. They also pay you $2 just for joining. I make $500+ in a month with little effort. Check it out

Once you register look thru the site for more help on how to complete offers.

Proof of payment:

Best of luck :)
Reply:There are some that are legit. I made a web page explaining the 4 that I use. No worries I am not getting you to sign up for anything ;) Just basic info on some so I dont have to retype this over and over again :) I add to the page if I find any legit ones that I have had luck with. You will not get rich or make thousands doing surveys but it makes great movie night money :)
Reply:You can find good information about a number of paid online surveys at
Reply:Any site that asks for money, OR you don't understand how the money is made, OR its too good to be true (get rich fast scheme) run! Surveys are hard, not a lot of them out there that you can qualify for, plus they take time. Usually like 30 minutes for $3. Did it, doesn't pay. What I do and its totally free. Forever. I'm off with a broken hand, so it HAS to be free. If you want contact me and I will send you the website. The video explains it all. You will be able to tell if its for you. Good luck.
Reply:its true there are a lot of shady ones, especially from foreign countries out to steal your info. only one i know is legit for sure is cash crate. i've already got one check from them. and its pretty user friendly.

if you're interested here is my referral link


oh and of course sign up is free. as it should be!
Reply:you could take surveys. check out my site I review all the sites that have paid me and even posted the checks online. They're all free and anyone can do it. You won't get rich but they definitely help with bills or something. :)


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