Monday, May 24, 2010

Has anybody recieved a free laptop for filling out an online survey?

i have tried but the survey seems to keep going on for ever

Has anybody recieved a free laptop for filling out an online survey?
Its a scam. The get you to fill out all sorts of personal information they can sell
Reply:You will not get a free computer, But you will get a bunch of Spam when they sell your E-mail address. That is how they make there $$!
Reply:Nope. Its a scam, they try to get you to spend hundreds of dollars in subscriptions and stupid stuff and in the end you're stuck with monthly charges to your credit cards and no laptop.
Reply:Those things are bogus. Don't waste your time! They're just collecting your information so that they can flood your emain inbox and postal box with useless junk mail.
Reply:yes but if you get to the end of the survey they will make it clear you have to buy/sign up for many expensive deals before you get your laptop...
Reply:I don't know about the survey thing, but I know that you can get a free laptop if you really want one.

The site is a very good example. With a little time and a few friends, I have received 2 Ipods, an Xbox360 and some other things. A laptop is one of the options. Check it out.
Reply:It's a con mate. Don't waste your time.
Reply:Yes, they last forever, and when you get to the end of the "survey" they require you to sign up for all kinds of products, so it's not really a survey, but a sales pitch. If you don't sign up for 2 or 3 monthly payments for products you don't need or want, no laptop. It's nothing more than a gimmick.
Reply:you have to buy lots of stuff and then you don't even get the free suff

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