Thursday, May 20, 2010

How To Get Invitations To Online Survey Panels????

I would like to check out a couple of sites that I have found. Like and These sites work by invitation only!! So, can someone please tell me how to get one??!!

How To Get Invitations To Online Survey Panels????
Most online survey sites are scams. Never ever ever pay to join a survey site.

There are legitimate survey sites out there, however you will usually only be able to make around 10-30 dollars a month per site.

Below is a partial list of legitimate online survey companies with no sign up fees and that will never make you pay a dime:

Survey Savvy

Haris Poll Online

Greenfield Online

Opinion Outpost

Survey Spot


NPD Online

Lightspeed Panel


Feel free to use a search engine to visit their websites and sign up, or you can visit my website at:

I am personally a member of all of these sites and many more and have received payment or rewards from all of them.

I have reviews for over 15 sites with detailed information including:

Rating (1-5 Stars)

Survey Participation Method

Payment Type

Payment Method

Minimum Payout

Average $ Per Survey

Survey Invitation Frequency

Referral Program

Minimum Age

I don't charge you anything for this information, but I have worked very hard compiling it, so hopefully you will bookmark it and share with your friends.
Reply:Well, I don't have any invites for either of those, but I do have a Viewpoint invite if you would like one. Each member only gets 5 total referrals, so let me know. I'll need you to email me your first and last name, then I will send you the referral link.
Reply:I don't know about But for, check out here: Read through the comments..


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