Thursday, May 20, 2010

Would you spend time doing online survey?

I spent money on a site to post a product survey. Then I sent out hundreds of email to a group of people. It offers a lucky draw chance. The price is very good. But still the number of people taking the survery is only 1/5 of the people viewing the survey. Do people nowadays really don't bother to finish some simple questions?

Would you spend time doing online survey?
i honestly like surveys.i think they are fun for some odd reason but most people i know just dont bother.
Reply:I answer only if the topic interests me.
Reply:I dont, its a waste of time.
Reply:I did for awhile, but then all the surveys took waaaaay to long to do. I'll take short ones, but I don't have enough college-time for long ones!!!
Reply:I do a lot of surveys and also "new product" trials, but I get paid for it.
Reply:i would do an online survey

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