Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is best best site to try to take online surveys?

I have tried to do the online survey thing for cash but all of them require participating in other offers and money. I was wondering if there was one that doesn't require so much things. I aslo want it to be safe and true though.

What is best best site to try to take online surveys?
Hey Wendy Well you could try this site out.

i found it recently after doing research and seperating the scammers from the legit sites.

They actually even have TV commerials. They update your account in realtime, you just have to take surveys. They're quick and they tell you before hand how much each one is worth.

They also have a forum so you can definately talk to other members.

You also get payed for "recruiting more people" so please do me that favor.
Reply:here are some good links on online survey many rewards cash or goods and may be with a sweepstake
Reply:I belong to a survey site that requires no participation in other online offers... they send me surveys that I quality for and sometimes products to use and send them my oppinin on. They give a certain amount of points per survey and once you get enough points you can cash them for gifts or even cash... I usually opt for a $10 check when I get enough credit. If you'd like the site, email me your name and email... i can send you the link

it would give me credit on my account if you joined due to my referrel....

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