Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is Valued Opinions, the online survey company legit?

I have read everything of their site and all their terms and conditions and they appear to be legit, heres their link,

I just dont want to get sucked into an online scam.

Is Valued Opinions, the online survey company legit?

I have a lot of experience marketing small companies online (I have 3 companies). One of the best ways is to sign up at business directories and protals. These are basically listings of businesses (simliar to the phone book). The advantage is that these portals usually get a lot of traffic and they're ranked high on Google because of all the quality links they contain.

My favorite portal is called Directory Exclusive. I signed up a few weeks ago because they're giving a away a free business card holder when a person enter's their company info. I received it in the mail 3 days ago =)

I don't know if they still have that promotion, but you can try to get the free card holder here:

Good Luck
Reply:well, Im not sure about this one if they are legit, because I for one, know that aw surveys is a scam.

If you want to be sure, why not try ptc (paid to click) sites? They pay you for every ad you click ;)

(*replace (dot) with actual dot)




Good luck!

Email me for questions :)
Reply:Haven't tried yet, but most of them are scams, better don't pay any upfront money and give it a try ...



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