Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am trying to conduct an online survey for school any help will be greatly appreciated.?

Which type of pizza is better Pepperoni or Cheese pizza. Please also put why you like it . If anything is good for your health about one of these pizzas please post on here.


I am trying to conduct an online survey for school any help will be greatly appreciated.?
Pepperoni. I like the spicy saltiness.
Reply:Pepperoni. Good flavors. Cheese is a boring pizza.
Reply:I really like sausage better so I guess cheese. Cheese has less fat.
Reply:I like cheese for alot of reasons. But lets say I got to a new pizza place and dont know what their pizza is like? Cant go wrong wit cheese right? And if u dont like it u can always put stuff on it like oregano, garlic, and hot pepper seeds to make it taste better.
Reply:Don't all pizza's have cheese? If the pepperoni didn't it would just be a sandwich and if the cheese doesn't it would just be toast. The ideal pizza would be a little bit of both.
Reply:Cheese. Pepperoni is evil and tastes awful. Cheese is just a classic pizza topping. And there is nothing healthy about Pizza. It's dripping with cheese fat and grease with a gazillion carbs. But it is soooo good.!
Reply:Plain cheese. I do not like pepperoni because the meat has too much salt in it and I get a bad headache from it if I eat more than a couple of rounds of pepperoni on a piece of pizza.
Reply:Pepperoni because I cant stand just cheese and I like the flavor. Good for your heath? Well one could say that it has dairy {cheese}, grain {the crust}, veggies {the sauce which is tomato based and there fore packed with lycopene which is powerful antioxidant that decreases cancer and heart-disease risk it also has vitamin C. At least that's the line I use to give my parents when I was really young as to why we should order pizza. But its true
Reply:well pepperoni ofcourse but, I'm sure thts not the healthier of the two...............why I like it cuz I love the fat it gives off onto the cheese which just gives it an overall awesome taste
Reply:Pepperoni Pizza,Like the spice to it.
Reply:pepperoni, i gotta have meat on my pizza.
Reply:Pepperoni....sometimes cheese is just a little too plain sometimes!
Reply:Cheese pizza! No meat for me!
Reply:I like cheese pizza better, because in general pepperoni tends to be greasy and cause me to have heartburn.
Reply:youve got to have something else on the pizza to keep all the cheese from sliding off when its really hot. Pepperoni is classic but it coould be just about anything.
Reply:Pepperoni is wonderful BUT just cheese is better for you considering the preservatives in Pepperoni.

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