Monday, May 24, 2010

Are online survey's that pay money & prizes leget?

Online survey sites like ndp research say they will pay money for your participation in their surveys, Is this true

Are online survey's that pay money %26amp; prizes leget?
... i wouldn't trust them i have seen multiple sites and signed but i have never gotten a check in the mail
Reply:Some are legit, others are just a scam.

Try here...

All the surveys and competitions here have been checked to make sure they are legitimate.
Reply:Yes, there are some legit companies and some scams. Look at for a list of paying online survey sites.
Reply:Yes,I have Top sites that really pay (100% free) + tutorial:

I think it is true, although I have not personally gotten any checks or even tried those services. However, I read something informative today.

One caveat is that you have to pay money, like a subscription fee, and be able to turn out almost 20 surveys a day. Its the usual pay -to-play. Here's a very good resource:

It leads you to a site that lists good sites that provide the service to lots of companies. Here:


Maybe I will try one sometime... soon.

try this's 100 %free and legit! it's the only site i've found that is truely free..(the other ones claim to be free but you have to pay a signup fee or whatever) you just take a bunch of surveys and/or sign up for free trials. they send you a monthly check once you've reached $20.00 that month, (i made $20 in less than two days, so that's easy. good luck!
Reply:Yes, but only sign up to the ones that are for free.

Here are a few legit ones that I've received payments from. It's some great extra cash but not a full time job

Good Luck!!!
Reply:Please click my Avatar.

I have lots of sites listed and they are all free to join.

Reply:the sites listed in this blog are all legitimate.
Reply:Yes, but you have to do a lot of work and a lot of referrals before you start making the money that they are advertising. Start here... also refers you to other sites that will put a little money in your pockets.
Reply:Some are legit some are not. Check with to see which are the good ones. I signed up for the sites they listed and never had a problem.

Hope that helps you


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