Monday, May 24, 2010

Could any recommend any online surveys that I can use to make money from?

I have seen a few online survey sites, but I do not know if they are real companies. Could you recommend some?

Could any recommend any online surveys that I can use to make money from?
Online surveys are the envelope stuffing scam of the internet. How many folks do you know that made big bucks stuffing envelopes??? None! %26amp; that is exactly how many you will find that made money from online surveys. Any one who posts on here saying they made big bucks is full of beans %26amp; is hoping you will click on their link so you become part of their pyramid scam.
Reply:I would suggest putting your time and energy somewhere else.

The time you spend filling out those stupid surveys could be used making actual money at an actual job you can use on your resume.

I spent HOURS (over 20) filling out those surveys. You know what I got in return? A bad back.
Reply:kymberly try this link;q=a...
Reply:There are no survey places online that will pay you money. Maybe the other way around.
Reply: (so far is the only one Ive recieved anything from) It did take a while, almost a year, there are prize choices and I chose a $30 gift card for Red Lobster. You can cash in sooner for smaller things or hold out., money goes to your paypal account

opinion, this takes a long time. Ive been a part of it for a long time and cant even get the smallest prize yet. (not as good as epoll at all)

Epoll surveys are quick, 5 minutes on average, theyre about differnt things, sometimes you watch movie clips. Same with the others.
Reply:You cant make money off of survey. If they say you can their just try to trick you so they can get information about you.
Reply:No, but may I suggest going to and looking under "ETC" jobs in your area. I've been doing that for about two years now and have found lots of way to make short, quick money. Lots of focus groups and random, odd jobs. Lots of fun, just be a little careful.


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