Thursday, May 20, 2010

Do you really get make money filling out online surveys?

Do you really get make money filling out online surveys? How much do they pay? The only surveys that I have ever come acrossed are ones that you have to be interested in and give the companies your personal information. Any good online survey websites?

Do you really get make money filling out online surveys?
No. They're never ending. You'll keep answering and they'll keep saying "you're almost there" and eventually you'll give up. But not before you've given them all of your personal information and then you're hounded for months afterwards by solicitors.
Reply:Pinecone Research surveys make money, but max out at $10 a month :( Report Abuse

Reply:but doesnt it affect us everytime we have to give out our social security # for credit card applications? Report Abuse

Reply:I don't know what sites these people have been using but i make good money with survey sites. I make about 900 bucks a month with them. There's a link in my profile to the sites I use.
Reply:no it is a time consuming scam most of the free stuff you only get if you buy other stuff you spend more than you make
Reply:Yea you do. You can email me at and I'll send you 2 sites via email.

Also you can check out to get started.

Be sure to fill out the personal information surveys. You dn't get paid for them but they increase the amount of surveys that get sent to you.

I even got to try out a new cologne one time and they sent me a check for $5 after I used it and answered questions.

this is a website that pays 2 cents for every ad that you click on. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's easy to do and it adds up. you don't have to waste time answering surveys and such

you also make money for everyone that your refer, and for everyone that they refer.

there is also a $10 sign on Bonus. give it a try..
Reply:All I have ever heard are they are scams. I never partook in these surveys. Just listening to others kept me away. I decided to start my own business. It took a little amount of money and a lot of sweat equity. I have a site that keeps a diary log of my start to success business. Free information for all. No registration.
Reply:1) Yes.

2) $5.00 USD PER DAY (In Bangladesh), $4.00 USD PER DAY (In Pakistan), $3.00 USD PER DAY (In Indonesia), $2.00 USD PER DAY (In India) and $1.00 USD PER DAY (In China)
Reply:oh i am sure that someone will make money, seriously doubt that it is the one that is filling out the survey.
Reply:Yes, they do, but its not like you can quit your job and fill out surveys for a living. I do American Consumer Opinion, but you fill out 1-2 a month, maybe get picked for 1, and get about $5 a month. Not exactly the road to riches but almost free money.
Reply:No, they are mostly scams.
Reply:It is hard to find a good site to make money. There are alot of scams out there. I found doing surveys are the best way of money making. But I found a site that pays me to sign up for sites that pay me to take surveys. Can't miss that. I am putting a page together of internet interest and I have money making sites listed. I and friends have already been paid by these sites, so I know they are safe and legit.
Reply:They are scams


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