Thursday, May 20, 2010

Does anyone know of any websites that actually pay you for taking online surveys or blogging?

I want to know if anyone knows of a real website that pays you to take online surveys. All of the ones that I have tried are fake. They don't pay. Please let me know. Thank you.

Does anyone know of any websites that actually pay you for taking online surveys or blogging?
Hubpages and squidoo both are free. You write articles and and if someone clicks on an ad you share in the profit.
Reply:If you don't mind getting gift cards insteaad of money try MyPoints.

So far in the 2 I have gotten three 10 dollar gift cards.

go at

you'll find nice resources that pay you to take surveys, free money making guides, and other bonus.
Reply:I found some paying surveys/homebased/online money making sites here:
Reply:i've used Greenfieldonline, Surveyspot, Surveysavvy, and they do pay... but it's not enough to live on.

I've had a few surveys for $25, but not more than 3 or 4 during the year. Most surveys are around $2 to $5. I stopped using them because I felt like I wasn't getting enough for the time I put into it.

I also have a squidoo page, but only get a couple of dollars a month. I'm sure that if your squidoo page is more popular than mine, you could earn a bit more.

best wishes :)

We are a group of friends from Sydney and for the past five months, we’ve earned HUNDREDS working from home participating in online surveys and focus groups.

My name is Chris and I got involved in this when a friend of mine told me he’d earned $700 in one day and I have never looked back. I don't drive a Ferrari or wear $5,000 suits but I'll never have to argue with my wife about money again, that's for sure!!

Reply:There is nothing of that sort.
Reply:They do exsist but you really don't make too much money doing them. Gives you some extra pocket cash. Most companies will only send a few surveys out per month. I made a website of the ones I use and why that are free. Never pay to fill out surveys, those are always a scam. Checkout my yahoo page. I will update as I find more genuine paid survey sites
Reply:Please note this is completely FREE

I think 2 of the best online surveys sites ive found have been

I added alot more detailed information about 'online surveys' to my blog today if you're interested in checking it, parts 1 and 2, it gives detailed information on this subject.

and I will add part 3 tomorrow.

Hope this helps a bit.
Reply:You can get paid to write blog articles and reviews through the two sites listed below, the only condition is that you have to have a website/blog up and running and the qulity of the site will determine the price you can charge for an article.
Reply:I use Squidoo and make some money there.

You must be patient in whatever you do. Too many people go away after a short time. Their loss.
Reply:If you are looking for a survey site, i have something for you. I make almost $1000 every week from survey adventure and its a best paying SURVEY site I have ever seen. Happiest part is that Registration is FREEE and you dont need to pay anything%26lt;!--So you got nothing to lost. Sign up with survey adventure and start earning 1000's of dollars every week. To Work from Home, You do not have to drive to work. Your office can be anywhere you put your computer. Remember not to pay for any site you join in internet and run as far as you can from them :)

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