Monday, May 24, 2010

Does anyone know of a Genuine Online Paid Survey Website??

Can someone tell me if they know of a Genuine Online Paid Survey Website please because i am often bored on the computer so i might as well make some money out of it. (Could you send me the link)

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Does anyone know of a Genuine Online Paid Survey Website??
I know a place which is personally using by me and recommended by me to my Friends.

They got a list of several websites.

This is a free website which is free for peoples who wants to earn through survey. They got a wide variety of websites. And it is for FREE!! FREE!! see the source box below.

And another website which is very famous for making money online is

Earn $10000 dollar per month without any investment.

See the Source Box below to get those links.
Reply:There are many survey websites out there, but the problem is that many, and I do mean MANY of them are scams. They will just send you promotional stuffs and not surveys. Don't bother paying for those surveys websites that claim to have hundreds of survey websites either. They only care about the numbers, and not quality. So you will find lots of scam in them.

You can try the website below. I use it myself. It is free, and so far I can say that I don't have any complaints with it.

But you do have to be realistic. You are not going to make thousands or get rich from this. You can make a little nice extra pocket money, but do not get fooled into thinking you are going to be able to retire from this.

I also recommend that you create a new e-mail address especially for surveys. Just in case they ever send you spam. Good Luck!
Reply:Click on the link in my profile. Legitimate company, no scams, very affordable start up cost, no obligation. You can definitely make money from doing this and never leave your home. This isn't a "make a million dollars a month" scheme, It's a honest opportunity from which you will definitely get out of it what you put into it.

When you love what you do, it never really seems like work. Click on my link to get more info and my direct contact information.
Reply:There are many legitimate paid survey sites, my favorites are: nfo mysurvey, globaltestmarket, surveysavvy, greenfield, pinecone, lightspeed...check out - they have a FREE list of over 100 legit paid survey sites with reviews and ratings, and articles of guide and advice etc.. good luck!
Reply:Most online survey sites are scams. Never ever ever pay to join a survey site.

There are legitimate survey sites out there, however you will usually only be able to make around 10-30 dollars a month per site.

Below is a partial list of legitimate online survey companies with no sign up fees and that will never make you pay a dime:

Survey Savvy

Haris Poll Online

Greenfield Online

Opinion Outpost

Survey Spot


NPD Online

Lightspeed Panel


Feel free to use a search engine to visit their websites and sign up, or you can visit my website at:

I am personally a member of all of these sites and many more and have received payment or rewards from all of them.

I have reviews for over 15 sites with detailed information including:

Rating (1-5 Stars)

Survey Participation Method

Payment Type

Payment Method

Minimum Payout

Average $ Per Survey

Survey Invitation Frequency

Referral Program

Minimum Age

I don't charge you anything for this information, but I have worked very hard compiling it, so hopefully you will bookmark it and share with your friends.

Hope this helps!
Reply:unfortunately there are an abundance of scams that turn people off from the whole process of making money online... especially paid surveys...... however, there are still a few legit sites that exist, and based off personal experience... i've created a blog, flushed with video tutorials, that can help you make a few extra bucks online.. I also have proof of payment pictures to show that these sites are not scams.

*the key is not to just sign up for one site and expect loads of riches, but to sign up for a few and have the smaller checks add up*

*be mindful of the sites you sign up for... check out reviews of the site in yahoo answers before wasting your time*

*if you ever have to pull out a credit card, its not worth it*
Reply:You could sign up to this one:

They typically pay about £1.00 - £2.00 per survey. You won't get rich but they are genuine - I've had £35 of gift vouchers from them since late 2006. There's no registration fee.
Reply:I have a review (below) I pulled together for TreasureTrooper, which has paid me via PayPal...

all countries and depoit it into paypal. ive made many payouts in a short time.
Reply:I have hundreds of friends and associates none of the guys/girls make any money on line if they did they would be talking about it and I would be in on it. scam.
Reply:I have tried a few, mysurvey works, takes awhile another is

This has been working good for me;a...
Reply:Is there something like that - Genuine?

I asked a question on here about working from home after i have my baby, and i got alot of answers. This is the one that i actually USE though.

Takes a while to accrue much, but it's legit.
Reply:I am often bored at the computer too. You should add me to my msn and we could chat.
Reply:I got some money from by doing surveys, it took me a while though.


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