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Getting paid for online surveys--a scam, or does it really work?

I am looking for a summer job in addition to my regular job to help pay for school. I've been looking online on websites like and and I've seen all sorts of things. In that menagerie, I've seen all kinds of ads for these survey jobs that seemingly pay well. I was just wondering if anyone has done that before and knows whether it's real or not.

Getting paid for online surveys--a scam, or does it really work?
A lot of them are scams, so be really careful. A real market research survey company will never ever charge you a dime.

The sites that I use are:


Opinion Outpost

Harris Poll


Global Test Markets

I've been paid by all of these and I know for a fact that they won't ever charge you anything or scam you.

I usually make around $10-$50 per month from each site.

Here is a great site with lots of reviews of sites including minimum age, average payout and which countries are eligible.

use above link to view list of online jobs provider which are genume and they do pay you without any registration fee.

above website do not provide any job. It is just a registar of many multi national online job provider which are free to join. it gives you idea and links of online jobs which are verified to pay you no matter where you live.

instead of going to above link you may search for online job anywhere using any search engine but there are 2 problems in doing so first is you may get into a site which is a scam and the second problem is you don't get good support for job.

jobs providers in this site may be also in above other answers but if you join through this you get free live support with yahoo conference among registered members every week and email support 24 hours replied in less than an hour. there are more than 1200 job holders around the world who have joind in last 1 month through above link.

i am one among them and i am very happy that i registered for my survey job through
Reply:I have been taking surveys online for almost a year now and I have made thousands of dollars so far and counting. The key is to sign up for as many of the good ones as you can. The best ones are the sites that pay well and send surveys consistently. I have written a blog about this which includes links to some of the best paid survey sites I have found. You can check it out here: http://legitimatepaidsurveysitesforyou.b...
Reply:i run a review site that reviews legitimate home business opportunities and on my site i have review a survey product and it is a great program. there are other survey sites that are free but they only give you a dollar or 2 to take a survey. the program i review is called paid surveys etc. and you can make $35 just filing out surveys for well known companies. i suggest reading through the review to help you. my website is and the info is on the paid surveys page.
Reply:Yes they really work, although many of the survey sites are scams, their are still plenty of them that are legit.

Never join any sites that require a sign up fee as they are almost always scams.

I have been taking paid surveys for nearly a year now, it takes me around 10 minutes every second day, and I make about $80 - $100 a month which isn't bad for the amount of time it takes me.

My favourite sites are: Nielson Net Ratings, NPD, Ipsos and Cashcrate.

Check out this site I found which have reviews for each of the sites and more info on them:
Reply:to be honest... most of them are scams and you have to do your research and read reviews on sites to make sure you aren't signing up for an illegitimate company...

heres a good source for some good sites

This website lists legit survey companies. The video tutorials can help ease the process of entering into paid survey sites. They also have proof of payment pictures to show that these sites are not scams.
Reply:Hi yes you can get paid taking online surveys, but it is not a job, just a way to make extra $$. I have done paid surveys for a while and have been using this site which has free lists of legitimate paid survey sites with reviews and ratings, and guide and advice/tips.
Reply:Yes it works and they are reliable as long as you pick the right ones. Something you need to remember is that just about all paid surveys require you to earn a certain amount before you can redeem your money or paypal credit. these ones let you earn paypal and money.
Reply:HI crafty they do not pay well at all !

Been there done that long ago ;all you get are messages SORRY but YOU did NOT qualify for this survey !

Check out my profile for more info about home businesses !
Reply:Real money...Takes 1 minute to sign up get paid right away.


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Reply:Most of the Online Jobs and surveys are scam, choose a genuine one, don't pay any upfront fee,

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