Monday, May 24, 2010

Have you ever get paid form survey companies and posted from online?

I am not sure if I can get into this ad for sign up my account. I don't want pay these ads. I can not tell if they're bogus or legimate. I have not done for shopping ,etc . on survey. I would like to know if you done successfully as survey takers and if had bad experiences, tell me why.

Have you ever get paid form survey companies and posted from online?
Pinecone research, Surveysavvy, Greenfieldonline are some of the larger survey companies, who pay regularly . A list of companies you can join for free , with details of amounts you will receive as payment, is available at
Reply:I do know of one legitimate site. It is totally legit and they pay you via paypal on the 10th of every month. Basically it is a mystery shopping network.
Reply:I have checked out some of those sights. The one I went with is

They send you an email, you read it, click on "get points" and you get 5 points. It is a shopping site, so if you purchas something from a company, you get more points. I wrack up points enough that I turn them in for K Mart gift cards every now and then. You can turn it your points for other stores and restaurants...check it out.
Reply:I have used both of these websites and they are legit

Try them

Cash crate they send you a check every month if your balance is over $5 so you can't go wrong

Send earning has neat offers and is very easy to make money but you have to hit $40 before they send you a check but hey both sites are legit.




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