Monday, May 24, 2010

Is there any legit online survey jobs?

I have signed up to loads and so far none seem to be any good, are there any that actually send you surveys and pay you

Is there any legit online survey jobs?
There are thousands of people making a pretty significant income from the Internet every day. Some people want to make just a little extra money online, while others want to turn it into a full-time career.Now obviously, the catch to it is that your earnings will depend%26lt;!--entirely on your own efforts. But that's a pretty good trade-off in my opinion, especially for the beginner who is looking to just earn some extra money online. You may have some idea on how to make money online here,

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Reply:There are loads out there which are scams, pure and simple but there are genuine online survey sites out there. Things like YouGov and Lightspeed are known to be good but it can take a bit of time to get up to threshold amount where they will pay you.

It also depends on how you want to be paid - places like YouGov will pay you cash, whereas somewhere like Lightspeed will pay you in vouchers (such as Amazon) or gifts (you can choose what you want to receive).
Reply:well honestly this might seem rude to your expectations, but from my experience surveys never work, maybe for others it may differ, but any how i thought i should share my opinion...

Message: if you people find any good survey site please let me know too, meanwhile i have figured out a system that does not need any surveys or typing, BUT you just need to promote others products, i have made some money with it consistently and so i felt the need to post it here...

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