Monday, May 24, 2010

Online survey sites?

I've been hearing a lot lately about "online survey sites" where you fill out forms online and get paid. Are these all just scams? How do they even pay you? I don't understand why anyone would pay money for this kind of thing.

Online survey sites?
A lot of the survey sites are indeed scams. There are, however, a few legit sites out there, such as



They charge absolutely no signup fee, and you can get started immediately. It's no full time job, but it's great cash on the side, I recommend it, there's no risk at all. I made over $90.00 my first month, was a little skeptical at first, but then my checks came in the mail, just as promised.

Just make sure any sites you join don't ask for cash up front, if they are legit, they shouldn't need that to make money. Large companies actually do have large marketing research budgets that allocate money to paying for consumer surveys like this.
Reply:Check this place out: . they provide legit sites too for online surveys, and both of the sites identified above are shown the girl on the front page is HOT! lol Report Abuse

Reply:Remember that when you sign up you are giving them your personal information as to where to send the check and such.

If they crash, your personal info is available to anyone who picks up the pieces, or if they sell, the site, to a bigger fish, the new owner gets your personal information.

Read the Contract.
Reply:I think most are probably some sort of scams. I used to work for a market research company and we did have some surveys that were done on line (the manufacturer of the product being tested shelled out the flow to pay us and the consumers) but I don't think the sites that you see on for example are necessarily legit.
Reply:Great question. To answer your question, stay away from Cash Create and other survey Web sites in your pursuit to your question.

It's a waste of time and will cause you unhappiness.

If you choose to be suckered in and sign up to take surveys and receive, free trials considered you were warned. The minute you give them your credit card and personal information you have now opened your computer to unwanted cookies on your hard drive, annoying pop-up windows and if you are on a PC you open your computer to viruses that can wipe you out.


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