Monday, May 24, 2010

Online Survey taker jobs?

im looking to make some extra cash. are the online survey taker positions real or a scam? If u know of any legit ones please let me know.

Online Survey taker jobs?

There are some legit survey sites.

It took a lot of researching and testing sites out, but I have been able to find some really good ones. I made over $2,000 last month, and all of these sites are free to join.

Please see my profile for more information.

Thanks, and have a great day.
Reply:the ones that make you pay to join are definately scams i have been doing this site called "fusion cash" you have to be at 13yrs old to join and dont need a credit card . they offer paid surveys , email submissions, zip code submits and getting paid to try free dating services. i do all the non credit card offers they have and roughly make about $8-13 an hour depending on how lazy i get

if interested i can send you the link
Reply:First of all do not pay to do work from home. Those are usually the scams and you will spend more for nothing!!!

I am enjoying reading advertisers emails from my home computer and guess what I receive $.02 for each email, plus if you refer people you receive money from that referral each time that person reads email. If you are looking for get rich quick this isn't for you but this will provide a little extra income each month.


NO FEES INVOLVED and once you signup you receive $10 as a Free Reward

send me a message if you have any further questions
Reply:there is no such a thing as professional survey taker. i was looking for a good one but the ones that subscribe on line are mostly for product placement (they get their $share for advertising brands) and the others are some sort of waste-your-time-for-to-hours and-get-paid-$2.

The ones that actually paid me money for taking survey were located in my city - we have two universities here ad i frequently visit their websites in classifieds to see if someone is looking for research subjects - and there are some psych or marketing experiments tat pay 10$/h but it is not on line. have to go there on the spot. my highest payoff was $50 for participating in a focus group - i got the invitation by subscribing to one of the marketing research companies in my city.

I talked with one marketing guy who actually hires subjects and he told me that professional survey takers are not good for business because after some time in doing surveys they develop a sense for what are the objectives of the survey which affects their bias towards what they are answering.

In a nutshell, if you want to make money from participating in surveys go to university websites and don't expect to receive money just by sitting in front of your comp and choosing one of the four options.

Good luck.
Reply:Inbox Dollars is one paid survey program that I participate in. They're definitely legit, although you'll want a separate email address to use with the surveys, just in case they decide to send you advertisements later.

Inbox Dollars has more than just paid surveys, too. It can be a little confusing to get started. I've included a link below to a blog post I made about making your first $30 with them that covers all the types of offers they have.

You might also like my Marketing Pond review, which describes a collection of free money programs you can work at home.

Feel free to contact me with questions.


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