Monday, May 24, 2010

Question about this online survey thing i read...?

i read about some online survey site called top online surveys that said you could be paid to take surveys online. you had to give them a one time fee of like 40 dollars, but supposedly some people make like 300 dollars a week taking these surveys...

do you know if this is legitimate? have you or do you participate in this? do you know a reasonable company that does this and its not a hoax??

thanks bunches!

Question about this online survey thing i read...?
The rule, as always, is to stay away from those that ask you to pay before you can get these surveys.

Legitimate market survey companies such as Pinecone Research recruit members based on demographic characteristics -- e.g. mothers of babies 0-12 years old -- and will send surveys of products and services targeting this demographic group. Pinecone Research, however, pays only $5 per survey -- you're definitely not going to be rich with that. They can give you anywhere from 1-5 at most surveys in a month.

Other companies simply ask you to answer as many research as possible, and you don't earn anything just the chance to win at a raffle (which I find lame).

The article "Earning Money from Surveys" provide a short list of legitimate market research firms and contains explanations of what to look for when joining surveys (and weeding out the fraudulent ones)

Pinecone Research

GreenField Online

Harris Poll Online




Survey Spot
Reply:NEVER give money or any personnal information on line or on a phone.sometime temptation is there cause they have all tricks in theire sleeve to make money from innocent be carefull:)
Reply:My wife completed surveys through the mail for a while. She never had to pay a fee and would get perks for returning them in a certain period. Sometimes they would send little things like coupons and checkbook covers, other times they would send $1 - $5 just for her to fill out the survey... The surveys got increasingly challenging, but seemed worth it since they paid her in some small way to take them... In our opinion, anything with an up front fee is in it for money. We wouldn't do it.
Reply:I would expect it is a scam. First of all a company doesnt need to actually pay people to take surveys, they could offer prize draw entries or something, or harass people on the street like they normally do. Also asking people to pay money, will complete the companies main objective anyway, if it was legit they wouldnt ask for the £40 and just not pay people for the first couple of surveys. After all if they want you to take part in surveys and are going to pay you they supposedly need your opinions and not your money. I would stay away if i were you. Hope this helps.
Reply:Ugh, rule of thumb. Never believe any site that makes you pay UP FRONT.

People will say ANYTHING to get you to join, even citing a quote from some random person with his/her picture - that could be anyone, could be made up for all you know. Don't be so naive. :)
Reply:its a waist of time
Reply:if you have to pay to take the are getting riped off.....

don't do it..
Reply:why should you have to pay a fee? if any site like this asks for a one time fee give them a body swerve!
Reply:I'll guarantee it's a scam. They may just take your 40 bucks and you'll never hear from them again, but it's more likely a pyramid scheme, in which a few people make a lot of money by duping others into buying into it.


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