Thursday, May 20, 2010

Which online survey Co. really will pay you cash ?

I've been scammed too many times from survey companies that promise they are a legitament company and that they will pay you for completing their surveys. The truth is I haven't found one yet that's true to their word . There's got to be one that really will pay and not ripp you off ! Somebody help me please if you do know of an honest online paying survey Co. This seems to be the only kind of work that I can do right now since I do have small children and no car and one of my children are dissabled .MAY GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL FOR ANSWERING THIS VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION .

Which online survey Co. really will pay you cash ?
There really is no "survey company" that will pay you for your time. It is a waste of time. Get a real job, work hard, and be proud of your hard work. Trying to get money for minimal effort is the wimps way out. They are all scams.
Reply:online survey is a scam and waste of time
Reply:greenfield online. . .I get about $80 a month from them. Also pays cash.
Reply:Apart from Greenfield and mysurvey, there are many other good sites

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