Thursday, May 20, 2010

Will online survey sites actually pay you real money?


Will online survey sites actually pay you real money?
I did find a LEGITIMATE site that will pay as soon as you complete a survey. The key is to be patient and have a STRATEGY before you start. This site you can outsmart and actually make money. If you are really interested in making significant money you must put yourself into the target Demographic (Educated middle-class married with kids type people). This will lead to a lot of survey completion money. Most IMPORTANTLY, you must be patient and be sure to answer carefully so you fit the target Demographic. NEVER click random bubbles or you will be wasting your time.

Signing up for this can be tedious but in the end after you complete “you portrait” you will eventually get survey offers which will pay. Just be Patient and you shall prosper like me.. ;a...

Good Luck ;-) …………. and have good strategy!
Reply:Forget about online survey sites, or trying to make money online with the millions of scams out there. Have you looked into forex trading? With the revolution of technology; there are now programs that can trade on the forex market for you automatically, without any prior knowledge or experience needed.

Most automated forex software bots comes with 60 day guarantee, so just test it on a demo account, which is just fake money on the live forex system, and if u don't make a cent by day 59 just return it. You don't lose a cent.

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Reply:There are thousands of people making a pretty significant income from the Internet every day. Some people want to make just a little extra money online, while others want to turn it into a full-time career.Now obviously, the catch to it is that your earnings will depend entirely on your own efforts but that's a pretty%26lt;!--good trade-off in my opinion, especially for the beginner who is looking to just earn some extra money online. You may have some idea on how to make money online here,

Here is a bonus for you, I make almost $1000 every week from survey adventure and its a best paying SURVEY site I have ever seen. Happiest part is that Registration is FREEE and you dont need to pay anything--%26gt;So you got nothing to lost. Sign up with survey adventure and start earning 1000's of dollars every week. To Work from Home, You do not have to drive to work. Your office can be anywhere you put your computer. Remember not to pay for any site you join in internet and run as far as you can from them :)
Reply:honestly, with so many scams around... people are discouraged from finding the legitimate sites... take you time to do research on a site before joining it... don't waste your time on scams
Reply:Sure, there are some that will eventually send you $10 or $25 or a gift card for those amounts, after taking a lot of them.
Reply:All scams. No company in good will is going to give you hardearned money for nothing even if you put your effort in to finding one. That's my answer.
Reply:none they are all frauds

if they really did give money everyone would be happy :]
Reply:I haven't found one that will give you anything except a virus

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