Thursday, May 20, 2010

Has anyone ever made any money doing online survey and if so where did you go?

Can't say I made money but I got a wireless MS keyboard and mouse and a very nice Wilson Golf bag. All I did would take surveys a couple times a week with Harris Polls. Took me about 7 months to get the keyboard and a little over a year to earn enough points to get the golf bag.

I doubt you can earn a living doing it, but for a few minutes a week, I did get some nice stuff.

Has anyone ever made any money doing online survey and if so where did you go?

Reply:I made $0.00 after about a year. I also didn't ever receive any free products.

I have the word of one guy who posted his success on my blog. He claims to have made money... key word being claims. However, he also said it took signing up with over 100 companies to do that. I have no idea how many he had to pay to join, but frankly joining more than 5 was a pain in my behind . lol Oh, I did make $0.85 doing traffic exchanges, but they don't pay out until you reach at least $20.00 ... It took me more than 6 months of daily clicking... I think my time is worth a bit more than that.

I wrote a blog on advice for working from home, feel free to read it if you like. A link is in the 2nd paragraph of my profile here on answers.

~best to you

Reply:No. Probably a hoax.

Don't fall for it.
Reply:If you want to earn money, you will have to get a real job. You can't earn a living answering surveys (which really just collect info on you!) on the Internet. No company is going to pay good money for that when they can simply provide a survey link on their receipts and get ACTUAL CUSTOMERS to tell them what they thought of their services or products (for free!).
Reply:I have been successful with adsense and pretty happy with it till now, what i suggest is start your own blog/site and monetize it with adsense, or get some content writing assignments, you can also try data entry or writing sponsored articles and reviews.

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Reply:yes. it's listed on my website. Check it out. It's all free! Check out my site at:

Good Luck!


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