Monday, May 11, 2009

Are those online survey jobs real jobs or are they scams?

i've seen them on hotjobs and i was wondering if they were legit or not?

Are those online survey jobs real jobs or are they scams?
There are many good online paid survey sites which conduct market research surveys. Many of them give handsome rewards for your participation in online surveys. You have to join each of them individually and you get survey invitations by email. Rewards for surveys vary from $1 to $20 or more. Many pay for each survey you take or give you points which you can redeem for cash at a particular level. Some of them enter you into sweepstakes.

All are free to join. The so called paid surveys which charge money like $35 for you to join are only databases of such free to join companies, which you have to join individually. But only 30 to 40 out of those 500 or so survey sites are really worth joining.

I've included a list of the top 10 websites which I'm using on the above blog if you want to take a look.
Reply:Hottie and Sweccentric are right. Remember that prudent people, under-18 or not, all over the world, avoid tempting and irresistible money making offers on Yahoo, Craiglist and elsewhere on the Internet. More than 99.9% of such offers are nothing more fraudulent crimes and scams against consumers who are often unpaid; pay extortionate bank charges for bounced cheques/checks; earn/endure criminal convictions/record, and earn custodial sentences. It is just a little legal disclaimer from tyneham to help protect online consumers all over the world. This tyneham alert is in compliance with Yahoo community guidelines and terms of service. It may be tested by vested financial interests in UK courts with full publishing and broadcasting news reports. This ethical honest tyneham alert may not be the best answer for planted questions, but in fact it has been voted/chosen as the “best answer” by prudent and law-abiding askers, voters. For further information see tyneham profile on Yahoo Answers, or search google for “tyneham yahoo answers”.
Reply:online job without registration fee is very hard to find. I have been working for one that not just need registration fee but also pays you through paypal. I have received payments several times too.

The job is just giving your openion about web sites given to you or visiting spounser site.

you may register for this job for free simply by going to

note: Payment is made to anywhere
Reply:The safest and easiest way to make money online while having fun that I know is a website called Treasure Trooper just follow the link below to see the blog I have created for the website if you wish to sign up just follow the link on the blog, they have forums and step by step instructions on how to begin making money it is a great site.There is even proof of the checks that have been mailed to treasure trooper members on the website. You can also receive your payment through Paypal if you wish. I receive a check every month from treasure trooper. But don't take my word for it check it out!! and for those people that believe its a scam trust me it is not you really do receive money from treasure trooper

Hope this helps you as it has helped me
Reply:Well, they some aren't scams. Watch out for A.W.Surveys though, cuz they aren't legit.

If you want a ptc site, I know one with a high rate, its .015 per site clicked. You can refer people and sit back and watch as your referals do the dirty work for you. xDD
Reply:some are scams, some are real. I know a lot of real ones... Including Clixsense.

I just started this thing today. You get payed to view ads. You click on an ad that they have for you, you wait 30 seconds, and BAM! your accounts credited with how much money that ad payed you to view it. I made some money alreay.. i don't get it for a month though. They pay you once a month. And, its quick.

Yeah, I'm going to tell you right now I am reffering you. That's part of the job... reffering. So, just click here...

Sign up, and I get money, you get money. Some people are already making thousands of dollars a month for clicking on a freaking ad. I'm trying to get there.. hehe.

Reply:This is NOT an affiliate or MLM program –

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Reply:There are many online offers on Internet but most of them are scam! Before you join any work from home company, please check out You will find some articles and guidelines to help you determine if a work from home opportunity is a scam or not.
Reply:I've made a couple bucks off them. Not enough to feed a mouse on, though. It's great for killing time and earning a few peanuts, but I don't think you can make a living off it. - You earn points that add up to $.
Reply:most of them are scams...look into it do tons of research. Remember anything you pay for is nothing but a scam and dont fall for it!
Reply:Most of them are scams some are genuine



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