Monday, May 11, 2009

Online survey for your job type? which occupation suits you?

are there any surveys online that you answer questions and they tell you at the end what jobs suits you the best?


Online survey for your job type? which occupation suits you?

Use above link to view list of online jobs provider which are genume and they do pay you without any registration fee.

Above website do not provide any job. It is just a registar of many multi national online job provider which are free to join. It gives you idea and links of online jobs which are verified to pay you no matter where you live.

Instead of going to above link you may search for online job anywhere using any search engine but there are 2 problems in doing so first is you may get into a site which is a scam and the second problem is you don't get good support for job.

Jobs providers in this site may be also in above other answers but if you join through this you get free live support with yahoo conference among registered members every week and email support 24 hours replied in less than an hour. There are more than 1450 job holders around the world who have joind in last 1 month through above link.

i am one among them and i am very happy that i registered for my survey job through

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