Monday, May 11, 2009

Whats a good online survey that pays good and not a fake?

-pays good -real not fake -recieve checks fast in the mail -not all this waiting around bs.

any good online paid surveys?

Whats a good online survey that pays good and not a fake?
I've listed most of the sites I have taken surveys through and actually been paid (or received other rewards like gift cards or CD'S) on the following webpage:

I list how they pay you, what I like and dislike about them, whether they have an affiliate or referral program, etc. (And yes, if I say they have an affiliate program, I'm part of it, and make a commission when someone signs up through that link...I like to be up front about that).

As you're searching, here are some tips to avoid scams. Don't sign up for any survey site which asks you to pay to access the surveys. Also watch for language like "get paid for taking surveys AND SIGNING UP FOR OFFERS" if you don't want to have to sign up for stuff with other companies to get paid.

Always carefully read their terms of service and privacy policy. If in their privacy policy they say they only use aggregated info, this is GOOD SIGN they are legit. Aggregated info information that is grouped together so it can't be connected with anyones personal identification like name, e-mail, phone or address. That's what survey sites SHOULD collect. Avoid sites that say they give, rent, or sell any personal information (info that is not aggregated) to third parties (unless you really don't mind getting junk mail, telemarketing calls, and spam).

Also, never sign up for a survey through an unsolicited e-mail--since these might not even be from the site they claim to be, but could be a phishing scheme to get your information and mis-use it.

Here are two other sites which are very helpful

(rates surveys)

(scam reporting site)
Reply:try, i ve being a member for a lil while, and i've made over $250 taking surveys for them, no offers, nothing like that, just check your mailbox regularly, and there, you will find a link to take a survey, its that easy, check it out, good luck.
Reply:I like Just join and cancel the site they send you to and get your money for just trying. Works for me.
Reply:ACOP, Survey Payoff, and others from are good and paying.


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