Monday, May 11, 2009

How does online Surveys help our company? can any 1 suggest some good online survey sites?

My boss has asked me to go create a project on better relationship between the customer and our company.

I thought we could use online surveys for that. Any suggestions?

How does online Surveys help our company? can any 1 suggest some good online survey sites?
Well if your company does its business mostly by the internet, then this might be a good idea. If on the other hand your dealings with customers are face to face or over the phone, then your interface with customer sould be in a similar manner. Customers like what is familar, so you should use the same method of communicating.
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Reply:Online surveys are great for engaging you customers. They help you to tailor your message and identify areas in need of improvement.

Surveymonkey is one of the most widely used free tools out there.

Websurveyor is what we use. It is great and very cost effective (they have a 3 month package starting at $500). With websurveyor, you can have your own branding and eliminate any outside ads of logos.

Feel free to email me direct (click on image) if you would like more info on either or just about surveys in general.
Reply:I have taken surveys on line and seen some of their problems.

1. People take them only if they are offered a reward. That means you only get people who are in need and have time on their hands. Probably not the group you want to reach.

2. People who are in the habit of taking surveys will tailor their answers to match the survey. Why? They only get that reward if they finish the survey so they have to answer the way the survey wants them to. You don't get honest answers.

Surveys are pretty much a waste of time. I suggest you look at how customers are being treated by your employees. If employees are friendly and interested in the customer and treat every one with respect, it will improve your sales. Customer service is what brings people back.

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