Monday, May 11, 2009

Is there anyone partcipating in the get paid to do online survey thing?

do u always have to pay for the product before u fill out the survey? are there any that dont do that?

Is there anyone partcipating in the get paid to do online survey thing?
Ripoff alert
Reply:Lots of the people above have the right idea, a lot of those survey sites are indeed scams. There are, however, a few legit sites out there, such as



They charge absolutely no signup fee, you don't have to "pay for a product", and you can get started immediately. It's no full time job, but it's great cash on the side, I recommend it, there's no risk at all. I made over $90.00 my first month, was a little skeptical at first, but then my checks came in the mail, just as promised.

Just make sure any sites you join don't ask for cash up front, if they are legit, they shouldn't need that to make money. Large companies actually do have large marketing research budgets that allocate money to paying for consumer surveys like this.

They will pay you to check out ads and they will send you a check, a visa card, or deposit to your paypal account. They pay very quickly, this is the best website I've found for real online money.
Reply:i have friends that does this survey stuffs. yes you have to pay for either the product or for them to send the survey to you. sorry there isn't any I've come across that is free. BTW if you are not a resident of either u.s or Canada it is best not to take part because there are many surveys that are not applicable for non u.s and Canada residence.
Reply:I haven't participate in any "get paid to do online survey" yet. But I'd participate in a few survey for fun, and for prize draw. But none of them needs me to buy a product first.

I think you should avoid any surveys which promises cash, after you buy a product and fill out thier survey form. There are lots and lots of scams nowadays, so if you feel doubtful, just avoid them.

There are also a number of surveys which does not need you to buy a product to participate, and still offers you prize. Maybe you can try and search on yahoo! or google to find them. Sorry, I didn't put my effort to search back all those survey links.


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