Monday, May 11, 2009

Is there a survey online to find out what kind of dog I already have?

There are surveys to find what kind of dog you want to get. Is there a survey to type in characteristics of my dog and find possible breeds? (We've been told our dog is a lab mix, but have run into identical looking dogs. Too identical to be just a mix.)

Is there a survey online to find out what kind of dog I already have?
We wondered for years what kind of dog my daughter had. We looked at the AKC site and tried to figure out what kind of mix she might be. One day I was surfing the net and found a rare breed site. I found a dog that looked just like her. It was a Jindo. I sent the moderator of the Jindo site a picture of the dog and she said that she thought the dog was Jindo or at least had a lot of Jindo in her.

So, don't give up. Today, lots of mixes are popular and look alike.

There are even designer mixes like Puggles ( beagle and pug)

I would suggest the AKC site, the rare dog breed site and others.
Reply:labs, pits, and now poodles are hot mixes now a days...not sure why...especially the poodle thing which drives me nuts!

Anyway, most likely you have a lab mix or a pit mix or the other common (but not that much anymore) is a shepherd mix. If I could see a picture, I'd tell you.

I worked at a shelter and trust me, they all look similar...
Reply:not that I know of

Labs are one of the most commonly mixed dogs though, and they do tend to have similarities
Reply:Most everyone wants to 'believe' their dog is a purebred. Why?

When I worked for vets, about half the people with mixed breeds would 'decide' their found or adopted mix was 'a purebred ____' and the vets would nod along (paying customers being pleased, you have to understand). Often times they would decide it was some rare, obscure breed - althought think how unlikely this would be that an expensive, hard to find 'rare' breed would end up at a pound. This is so silly! Most mixes are of the top 20 most popular/registered breeds. There are a lot of mixes that lean toward looking like the breed they are predominately, and sometimes by chance you see another mix or purebreed that your dog will resemble. So? Just enjoy your dog for what it is - a mystery!

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